Extended Artists Research 20/02/2014

Extended Artists Research 20/02/2014

After exploring context through the Gutai group I decided to continue my research by reading more books which I found very useful.

Andre Stitt who is my tutor is quite talented I have read several of his books Stitt Substance (2008) Residues, Drawings $ Partial objects; SPACEX, England.

Alongside Andre Stitt hOMEWORK (2000) University of Wales Institute, Cardiff

Born in 1958 in Ireland, Belfast his art is very symbolic and political. One of my favourites is Brothers of Charity personally I think it focuses upon the reality of Priests abusing children physically, sexually, emotionally and mentally. I have read a lot about this and watched documentaries and films based on the true event that happened between the 1930’s to the 1970’s its revolting to imagine how young girls and boys were abused by nuns, not just by priests.

They were either forced to work between 12 or 18 hour shifts a day in the Magdalene Laundries where they cleaned bed sheets or they were forced to be experimented on through drugs and electric shock treatment in the mental institute. Many young girls became pregnant, although no social service workers seemed to care and thus the babies were sold to Americans to be adopted, a interesting novel and film recently that has just came out is Philomena an old woman trying to locate her son who was adopted by Americans. Alongside a heartbreaking first hand account of living and working in the laundries by Kathy O Beirne called “Don’t Ever Tell” who was sent there as a young girl and became pregnant at the age of 14.

Andre Stitt

Andre Stitt

His statement of “Art is not a mirror, it’s a fucking hammer!” It concentrates on art is not a mirror and it should not just reflect a pretty image but fight back make a statement, this appears to be quite aggressive, which I can relate to as my work can be aggressive and energetic.


Another one of my favourite is at the ceramic festival in Korea, where he threw paint into the air and photographed the memorising swirling motions. These are majestic and content like due to the pastel like colours but it was a shame he burnt them, but the live performance allowed people to experience his methods of painting it was burnt into their memories as they saw the patterns and colours first hand.

the 5th World Ceramic Biennale
Icheon, Korea
May 2009

Andre Stitt

Andre Stitt

Andre Stitt

Andre Stitt

Another artists who caught my attention and I related her to our collaboration work using black paint through sound, was Anastasia ax who works in Sweden. She uses a variety of techniques one being with ink. I found the similarities very close without intention as we agreed as a group to continue with this piece, I found looking at her now and then it’s strikingly similar.

Anastasia AX

Anastasia AX



But I think with my recent work context wise the one artist that seem’s to stand out is Paul Jackson Pollock born January 28, 1912 – August 11, 1956. Best known for his action abstract expression art his work concentrates on shape, layering, colour and pattern.

I have watched several video’s and documentries about him http://www.sfmoma.org/explore/multimedia/videos/250


Studying his style I do find some resemblance to my own and I have seen his work first hand in the Peggy Guggenheim gallery in Venice, it was indescribable with so much depth in relation to colour and layers, almost like our beings in a way as the human body is made up of so many layers physically and mentally. The body and soul in many ways have always been a factor into my work and this new way of painting I found I can express this as it excites and tires me. But when painting traditionally I find it quite frustrating as what I imagine and what I see to then draw, are always different.

Jackson Pollock

Jackson Pollock

My own work has been resembled and compared to his own which I think it does have some similar qualities as we both use the body and space to create it. I plan to paint more in the future in this style as I have so many idea’s buzzing with creativity!

Jamie Jones

Jamie Jones

He states he not only used a paint brush but pebbles and stones, string and even twigs. I have found since an early age I was taught that in art I had to learn the traditional methods of painting and methods from the masters like Monet or Da Vinci. By using a paintbrush and the common pencil I think have narrowed my vision now I do think more about the process, rather than the final product, it would be nice to think outside of the box in my future work.

A quote of his I love is “I have no fear of making changes, destroying the image, etc., because the painting has a life of its own.” I need to start thinking like this more, as compared to my state of mind since my Foundation art course has declined in producing artwork and I struggle to find the time these days due to university work, I need to push myself more.

Read more at http://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/authors/j/jackson_pollock.html#wcduhxo8gcFmqWE6.99

He was very energetic in his art, he would move around the canvas upon the floor throwing and dripping paint. Alongside using household paints or even car paint as he found it easier to paint with due to the thinness of lines it produced.


Artist Context Gutai Group19/02/2014

Artists Context/Research 19/02/2014

Gutai Group or Anvant Garde a group formed from Japan’s post-war art world in 1954 until 1972 ventured out to produce art that was new and original, by using the body, time and space. It consisted of several original members but expanded to over 80 artists in it’s 18 years.

This second term has really opened my eyes and I found myself going back to discover and study new artists from the Avant Garde and performance action painting genre.

I found the Gutai movement first established in the 1950’s have truly helped me greatly in my studies and our workshops, I will explore and study soem of my favourite artists from this movement with artists beginning with Shozo Shimamoto who was Born Jan 22-1928 and died on Jan 25th 2013.

From first laying eyes on his beautiful explosions of colour I have fallen in love with the messiness of the patterns and structure in his work. He uses a variety of mediums mainly to paint to create these splashes of colour.




His work explores using glass bottles filled with colour before smashing them upon canvas or paper I just watched a performance on Youtube based in Italy in 2008 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cwpnezZxkhY it was remarkably interesting but it made me question it’s not all by chance as he plans colours before hand. But due to his age I found it quite intense as he struggles to smash the bottles in some instances and his assistant guides and motions him where to smash the bottles as he’s being directed rather than directing.

His use of colours are mostly pastel for the under layers but once he uses a luscious vibrant colour such as purple or red it’s quite pleasing to the eye and we can feel content at the subject matter. It’s interesting how the colours form by mixing but he tends to shy away from black or duller tones their always bright and vibrant, more playful.

His work has really made me realise my work should involve more of the process rather than the final outcome, my interests have always been frustrating a I love colour and expressive portraits and figures though what my mind sees compared to my brain is a different matter.

Secondly is Jiro Yoshihara Born January 1, 1905 – February 19, 1972 who co founded the group. His work simply explores the use of circles and repetition of the continuous circle in various colours, sizes and space. I can relate and understand how one idea can become obsessive but it does make me question does it then become mundane, due to it’s simple subject. During his later life he explores obsessively the use of Zen or Ying and Yang in his culture, playing with the contrast of white and black and black and white, as he states he has never been truly satisfied with his work but there again are there any artists that are truly happy with their work.


Thirdly is Akira Kanayama 1924 to 2006 was a artist who explored the use of drawing machines to produce art.


By using machines to draw he jokingly said he was the secretary for the group and never had any time to paint, to be honest I do find it difficult to find time to paint due to university workload or everyday life etc.

Akira drawing machine

Akira drawing machine

Original Gutai Group

Original Gutai Group

I have learnt so much and continue to expand my knowledge of art history and techniques whenever I can. Thus has helped me develop my progressing style and I will continue to refer back to these amazing artists who have inspired me so much.

18/02/2014 Featuring my work in the art world

18/02/2014 Featuring my work in the art world

Recently I can happily say that my artwork is finally getting out there on a website on Facebook, which is near in possible to get your artwork featured on as they choose the art. They chose my university workshop iconic image of me hanging in a harness. It’s had positive and negative feedback, but to be honest I was quite in shock for the publicity and I’m excited how it has been shared dozens of times alongside receiving over 700 likes!

On this awesome website https://www.facebook.com/artsartistsartwork Art Artists and Artwork on Facebook all the work is featured so scroll down for mine.

© Jamie Jones -Me in the harness.

© Jamie Jones -Me in the harness.

Comments made about the image!

Comments made about the image!

Positive and negative comments made which was awesome!

Feel free to check out my Facebook page and hit like like button at https://www.facebook.com/JamieJonesImpressionistArtist?ref=hl

Formative Feedback 13/02/2014

Formative Feedback 13/02/2014

Upon reflection I have learnt a lot through my Field module this term and I have enjoyed every moment of it. My feedback was promising which I have gained confidence unlike last term, where I was greatly disappointed and I am still trying to consider how to improve and continue with that project.

The negative feedback I received was my context which is fair enough, as I concentrated more on my own studio practice and I am currently going back and adding to that. Secondly my tutor said my blog was a little difficult to follow, so I will spend some time tidying the layout of it.

The only thing I was disappointed mainly with was the final DVD as me and a classmate spent hours trying to figure out how to work the Final Cut Programme and my tutor said he wanted our final pieces and not the workshops we included on it. So we have to go back now and sort that and re-edit but n the bright side now I know how to use the programme.

My final piece in the workshop painting performance reflected on my childhood and mark making, where I used a skipping rope that was dipped in paint to create unusual marks, this can also reflect and people have commented it resembles a galaxy in space. As a child I found slipping fun and enjoyable which I like to bring into my art and I could easily skip for hours in one go. But today I struggle to do one hundred in a row and recently I found skipping in my studio daily helps me creatively, as it allows me to think clearly as well as to burn off energy and I found my work can be quite energetic and very angry on occasion.

“The use of skills learned has been well integrated into final work to reveal something more personal and sustainable.”

I have received both positive and negative criticism from tutors, fellow students and peers in the past and it has helped me develop my skills and I continue to push myself and learn from it. I have also been very honest of my opinion of a fellow students work recently, it was harsh but I would rather someone be honest abut my work truthfully so I could improve and learn from it not take it to heart, which is always why I’m more interested in negative criticism so I can improve my skills and style.

7/02/2014 Final Assessment

07/02/2014-Final assessment

For our final assessment we had to organise a live performance by inviting fellow students through social networking sites, posters and a final programme of the show of the events and times etc

Overall I was quite disappointed with the group participation, if it was not for the minority I doubt it would have happened.

As the Quartet group consisted of me, Ruth, Andrew and Iestyn we organised setting up the lighting, cleaned and removed previous work and the ropes that were hanging from the ceiling. I designed our Facebook discussion page as the rest of the class were too ‘busy’ to care. As Andrew made posters to advertise around the building and made a leaflet programme which only me and him contributed our artist statement.

I plan in the future to collaborate with other artists and it made me really consider who I would want to work with in the future.

Poster advertising our performance

This poster I realised was actually a piece I created with my feet in the studio, which was awesome for the cover! As the tranquil colours were soothing but it expressed mess and a slight hint of foreshadowing events to come.


The programme was more organised for the morning as we had actual set times by Sasika and Tom performing in the next room where it was clean and our group “Quartet” would perform in the next room whilst Sas continued working with hers through the day.

Tom and light

I thought Tom’s piece was very intriguing as he made movements with the light his camera captured it. I would have liked to have seen this on a larger scale perhaps at the end on the projector but he only showed us on his camera which was disappointing but I would like to see this more in the future by him as it seemed quite promising.

Secondly was Sasika who began ripping up her previous work from the classes and then began sewing them together which looked promising she spent at least three hours on this and I would have liked her to keep going as the blanket that came together really stood out with all the various colours and textures.

Sasika sewing

Thirdly was our group “Quartet”

We previously experimented with this with timing as I warmed up we all ready set up our paper and paint and we all met at each corner of the blank white paper in the centre nodded as Ruth set her timer for one minute.

I began skipping which was exhausting as I watch Ruth the pour paint and slide in the centre after one minute went by for us to work on our pieces as a individual. We agreed we were studying ma making through movement this was quite successful and the strongest piece in my opinion out of the painting performances as it had structure. Although individually I do not think our pieces would have had been as strong, as we complimented each others work through movement and colours.

© Jamie Jones

© Jamie Jones

I was quite pleased with my result I was mentally and physically exhausted after it though as each individual mark we can see was one jump I have previously been exercising with 50 jumps but here I must have done hundreds the centre piece which I felt my legs were about to give out on me. I am glad I used red and dark blue and it visually looks stunning and Andrew used green in the centre and I am glad I saw Iestyn use a light green as he originally was going to use red so I quickly dunked my skipping rope in red paint as this would then be the most bolding colour as otherwise it would have been all natural colours and we needed something to really stand out.

Ruth’s piece was awesome and I am very proud of her by losing control and getting covered in paint. She explained her phobia of water and her weakness of not being able to swim which she mimicked here.

Ruth's work

Ruth’s work

‎Iestyn's piece

Iestyn’s piece was visually stunning he used a rugby ball and bright florescent colours which I think I will use in future such as pinks and blue’s etc.

Andrew I think was quite disappointed once we ere setting up as his speakers were not working I did not know he needed to use these as we could have set them up on the Tuesday when Neil was in as he was on strike that Thursday which was infuriating being our main live performance. He also did not return for the second half of the performance, which I did wonder was it due to his piece or his expectations for the second half.

Andrew's work

Andrew’s work

Our group final piece- previously we all agreed we disliked our first attempt as I jumped so many times portrayed my shoeprints in the paint it had too many dark colours in it and we agreed to use lighter colours.

The second attempt was beautiful the two greens were lovely tones and I could not skip as much as I wanted but the traces of red against the royal blue really visually stood out.

Our Group's Final Piece.

Our Group’s Final Piece.

The Afternoon.

We began first with Lizzie who wrapped jacket over her arms like a straight jacket and began using her mouth to paint onto the paper she previously made a jacket in our first year and it was great to see her continuing with this. It all explored restriction with the body as we previously looked at in our class.



Secondly was Jess I was very disappointed with this. I am not quite sure what her interests or style is in art, as this piece had no personality or style she just splattered paint onto some fabric and dully scratched into it with her nails and the end of a paintbrush, which was not new and previously been done in the class! I have no idea what it was supposed to represent and I hope she highly improves in the future and actually be more creative to help develop her style.

Upon reflection I have been told to ask about the concepts and question what the piece is about before harshly giving my opinion. I do regret upsetting the artist but I was being honest, all artists even myself have received harsh criticism both good and bad and I’m glad for both as I want to improve my work. This piece is about a landscape from a memory.



Thirdly was Joshua I have only seen this student twice in class and once for our meeting I think he’s from sculpture. His piece consisted of clay being punched and kicked and paint being poured into the centre it was very angry and reminded me of nature with the muddy, earthy browns and greens.





I was highly impressed with Ryan’s as he’s rarely in which is a shame, as his work is quite colourful he used coffee cups and a pipe to pour paint out which was quite different to traditional brushes etc this was highly creative and I loved how he controlled the paint really quickly as it poured out onto canvas and tissue.



Lastly was Charlie I think the concept was there of carbon footprints but he used some kind of canister of paint and walked in circles. But the paint just leaked out at the beginning onto the paper, eh should have experimented as it lost that vision it would have looked stunning otherwise.

It was a interesting day but I still stand by if it were not for the minority this would have been a disaster as everyone else was awfully unorganised and could not care less.

Group Discussion 06/02/2014

Group Discussion 06/02/2014

Today we decided to discuss what people were doing in regards of final pieces if it was a solo piece or a group. Only a hand full of the class showed up, which was highly disappointing as this is supposed to be taken serious so we just concentrated on those who could be bothered to participate such as giving jobs, such as setting up social networks events, posters and leaflets.

We organised lighting and placments then the second stage was what we were doing me, Ruth Iestyn and Andrew decided to do a collaborative piece where we would individually work on singular pieces then work on top of each others centerally.

We did briefly discuss a theme like childhood as we all used child like theme’s in a way mine being skipping, Andrew almost resembled puddles, Iestyns rugby and Ruth’s was her phobia of water as she cannot swim.

It then concentrated on just movement as all of our works were studying movement and colour.

Our groups name was decided to be Quartet, which was quite successful being a four as we all complimented each others work in various patterns. We all decided to come in Monday to practice a trial run with timing, colours etc

Jamie Jones

Me skipping and getting m body to push it’s boundaries.

Me skipping

We experimented with the lights in the sense of how bright or dim we wanted it to be, then we decided colours. This consisted on our chosen colours and one single colour to work with in the centre to show our mark making.

Ruth Jones

I am quite proud of Ruth and her sense of control here, I have previously mentioned that she struggles with losing control in her work and getting messy and covered in paint, This really surprised me and I’m happy she came out of her shell for this piece and really let go. She used paint brushes to mark make but I did suggest because she was imitating panting to just use her hands which as quite effective in response.

Andrew said he was using sound in his piece and I love how I managed to capture the paint falling here.

Andrew painting

Andrew and paint

Lastly Iestyn used a rugby ball which looked awesome as it spun before impacting against the paper the colours harmonised with one another of red and brown.
Iestyn's Piece

We decided to start for one minute before a timer would go off then one of us would run to the middle to create art which worked out Ruth as hers was the longest piece, then Andrew and Iestyn and lastly me as the skipping rope we found the less I used actually blended colours. The final for that Monday we all decided I should not do too much as my footprints looked awful as I rotated about five times in a circle skipping.

Our final piece, trial

I do love how all the patterns and colours overlap one another as this was quite effective, but again my footprints really stand out.

European Eagle Owl drawing 5/02/2014

A European Eagle Owl the biggest owl in Great Britain. As you know I have always been passionate about birds of prey and have worked with them previously at Ebbw Vale Owl Sanctuary at Festival Park I would also like to thank https://www.facebook.com/AlexandraGriffithsPhotography for allowing me to use her image !

© Jamie Jones Eagle Owl

© Jamie Jones Eagle Owl