March 23rd Feedback (57)

March 23rd Feedback

Sadly I was not there to receive my feedback as I was away with my family, I did however receive only a email with my feedback containing ticks of where I am with no description of why and how I could improve. I plan to see Tom when he returns I was very disappointed as I thought my work was at a good stage as I portrayed my ideas and showed what my degree would look like.

I spoke to my other class mates and everyone was marked very harshly, which may be to push us to work more towards our degree show.


Friday the 20th Final Group Assessment (56)

Friday the 20th Final Group Assessment,

It was a interesting assessment as David, the head of Fine Art sat in on our group tutorial as Tom was ill. I did not know how it would work as for instance me and several other students he didn’t know what our projects were even about. I think the all the groups were marking it wrong as I spoke to others and everyone done theirs differently.

I thought mine went very well to be honest, but David said was the people more interested in the technology than my actual concept. It something to consider but looking it in the long run making boxes and trying to find ipads to use + judge someones head and length on the distance between the screen etc, its too complex and I don’t think it will work.

I went to Neils tutorial of projectors and he introduced these goggles which were the basics of what my project would look like. I hired them out to show my group which everyone was very excited in trying out which personally I think is amazing as its very hard to even to get a person to interact or even stay more than a few seconds to truly look at a piece of art.

I plan to buy better versions of the 3d goggles though as these are so old they are uncomfortable to wear, plus you could see out of the sides which was annoying and distracting.  I will have to find ones that block out the light so the viewers concentrate on the video alongside with the sound near them.

It was interesting to see everyone else’s projects and how they were coming along. Some I was shocked the stage they were at as I was thinking of the degree show and what pieces I would be showing and I do feel confident in my work. I plan to add Vertigo to it for my own one but I shall do that when Neil returns so I can borrow the equipment.