Setting Up My Exhibit Space (71)

Setting Up My Exhibit Space

Setting up my exhibit space was a relief it was good to see how much space I had to play with. There was enough space to walk around to view my tv as well as to listen to the headphones.



As we can see here I needed a extension lead that came down from the ceiling past the wall and hanging down.


I also tested out my tv and dvd player, thankfully a classmate did not need her tv anymore for her exhibit space so I took it out to use.

The quality of the screen was quite crisp and the sound was amazing, and being in studio 7 the room is quiet as all the projectors are on the other part of the building.

After I cleaned my space I started to place my chairs and bookshelves in the area.



I decided instead of standing on the sides here to listen to my balloon piece, the right hand side is louder in the CD itself so I thought it would be wise to sit. Also the tv people can stand and watch it, as I originally planned to allow people to sit and watch but I dont think its needed.



I decided to buy some books from Blackwell, which were actually really inspiring to read it made me question  theory’s by Freud. The small statue and set up is to encourage and give the impression of a clinical setting installation. Everything is black and white even the frames as its so clean.

I will most likely sweep the floor tomorrow to just give it a once over.


The chair here is positioned to face the wall to try and not distract the viewer. The glasses are on a small stand to encourage people to wear them. There are also little black fabric like flaps over the sides as I did find it a little distracting when they were worn. They dont fully block it all out, but I think its safer for the viewer this way as they are still aware of their surroundings.

I also bought a brain poster to go onto the wall and it’s beginning to look like surgery.



I decided I wanted a Freud image, this was printed on canvas paper much like my gorilla print back at the art auction. It looks very realistic like it was painted, if I had more time I may have drawn one, though I think this looks quite effective and almost like a dedication or a doctors office.

There is also a small picture frame describing words relating to the theme of phobia such as anxiety etc.


The tv location has enough space for people to walk around and interact with the headphones and glasses which I’m much happier about.

Overall I am very pleased with my layout, it’s been a tiring journey and I felt I have done a great achievement, at Christmas time I came to a artists block of how I could take and push my work further. My supernatural project came to a standstill as I was not sure how I could present it, linking that with the the tunnel I came across by Simon Fenoulhet really turned my work around and ideas.

I would not change this any other way and I am very happy with my outcome and how its presented.


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