Summative Contextualization (74)

Here are the five key points, artists and individuals who have inspired me and helped me progress my work.

1.Simon Fenoulhet-

I accidentally came across Simon online and I was fascinated by his work of light and dark. I read about him discovering this tunnel outside the Park Plaza hotel and I wanted to investigate it. He was very helpful with my project and inspirational and this was the turning point in helping me take my project forward into the phobia aspect of it.

2.Martin Creed-

Martin Creed and his balloon art was very inspirational, my housemate is petrified of the noise of a balloon popping. Not only is it’s a more fun activity but its a interactive piece. I think this made me question why I thought it was important to make sure people can interact with my work, such as the visual glasses as it was almost like they were there experiencing it up close and personal.

3.Marina Abramovich

Marina Abramovich really helped me consider the mental and physical limits I would have to endure and push myself to overcome and experience. In her work she suffers at great cost for her art, she was physically hurt in many ways to the point of exhaustion, to even fainting in a ring of fire as she ran out of oxygen. She was hurt by her audience and was mentally prepared to die for it.

Some of the tasks I had to do were either very frightening or much like her they were very dangerous such as the tunnel.

4.Sigmund Freud-

My project looks into the depth of the mind. Its about helping people overcome and understand the element of their own phobias and fears.

Freud helped us understand many things such as the study of dreams regarding the unconscious, alongside fear with symptoms of anxiety caused by fears and phobias and tried to help us overcome them.

His quote, “Dread” requires a specific object of which we are afraid. ‘Fright,’ however, emphasizes the element of surprise; it describes the state that possesses us when we find ourselves plunged into danger without being prepared for it.’

This made me really question myself and why I wanted to investigate and continue down the route of phobias. I think I wanted to examine and push my limits mentally and physically. He was rather inspirational and helped me understand why I was fascinated with peoples phobias.

5.Kutlug Ataman-

I think Ataman helped me question how I wanted to present my work. Looking back at my assessment I think I struggled greatly with the presentation of my body of work and how I would display it.

In his work he focuses on how to connect and engage with his audience. I think I accomplished this with the visual glasses as it shuts them off from their surroundings, but it helps them engage and view the film on a more intimate level. The same with the headphones as it takes away the sense of sound in their surroundings.


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