After Setting Up, Last Day

After Setting Up, Last Day

It’s hard to describe how I felt on this last day, calm and relived I think. I double checked my CD player which was a good thing as I think I tripped out the extension lead as it would not come on until i only used one extension lead and not several.


Me in my space, I noticed a few of my classmates were eager to interact with my work. I came back from helping someone and saw a person standing there transfixed at my spider video. I am looking forward to see how people react to it.





It was amazing watching people interact with my work. The rat eating popcorn made a great impact on people and it was interesting to see their reactions. Holly above looks so content watching my films and it was intriguing to see Ruth pulling faces and commenting a loud. The glasses part on the side blocks out some of the view which I wanted as people are still aware where they are. But they forget people can see them and watch their expressions which is the work also in itself.

I’m very happy with my work and I would not change one aspect of it, it fits perfectly into my practice and I think I finally found a way how to present it.


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