Field Year 3

Degree show,

I helped sell some tickets around the university for our xmas party with my friend Ruth and helped advertise it on social medias.



We raised a fair amount overall.

We also done a art auction where we all contributed one piece of artwork to auction off. My gorilla piece had quite a lot of interest and people did not believe it was a print and not the actual original art as I used canvas paper which was very convincing.

Art auction set up

Art auction set up




We raised over a grand I believe for this which was amazing!

Preparing For My Degree Show!

I have considered how am I going to display my work I wanted to have modern video glasses but looking into it now its impossible. Neil’s glasses are discontinued and considered “old” technology. You can only buy them from China through Amazon or Ebay etc and even then they would take up to two months to arrive, they were also very overpriced and portable meaning I could play a looped dvd with it as they only take a memory card. This was very frustrating and stressful, as I had to rethink how I would present my work. Thankfully I could still use the university glasses, they were of a lower quality visually though testing it on several people they seem to portray what I wanted and the rat actually terrified a couple of individuals as it ate the popcorn.

3d Goggles

3d Goggles

Editing my videos

I also edited my footage into two films one will contain the spider making a web and the tunnel on the larger tv monitor, whilst the other contains the rat eating popcorn, the snake, the spider moving across my arm and finally the creaking ladder. I am happy overall of my pieces and I hope they make a impression on the audience who could relate to it either by finding it memorizing and beautiful or horrified struggling to face their fear.



rat piece FINAL

spider FINAL

Preparing my space



We began moving walls and helping redesign the area, this was very exhausting and I did not find out my location for several days as I was re-positioned. I actually like my location its more quiet for my films and I am near two plug sockets as I need a fair amount of sockets for my dvd players, tv and glasses.

We also began cleaning some of the worst locations of the floor.


Preparing My Wall

I began gum taping my wall with the help of my friend Ruth as I’m actually terrified to climb high ladders. We managed to save time too as I helped her with her wall.


My space was quite messy regarding the wall. I had to use a layer of PVA glue to cover the stains before I could paint, I manged to do three coats of white paint in a day which done the job and covered up the tape.



The gallery layout is coming along and its got a amazing atmosphere, everyone has been helping each other paint and it was really nice to have 1st years helping us. I wish this was introduced and enforced more when I was a first year etc as it was helpful for us and it showed them what to expect to prepare for their degree as well.



My class amtes sanding and helping put up walls.





I had to spend several hours cleaning my space, I know the cleaners will come in but I need to set up my furniture in the next few days and I cannot expect them to scrub the edge of the border as it was in a awful state. I also had to fill in some of the gum tape that began to crack in areas and touch up with some paint in certain sections. But I’m happy to start assembling my furniture.





Business Cards and Website Designing




I came across Wix online and found it was free and quite professional for my practice. I managed to make a portfolio of all my bests works and previous commissions I have done in the past.

I also put the images side by side to compare the photograph to the drawing.

zulua fial


I have had a lot of feedback about my page and it’s quite easy to locate things.

I also made business cards on someone said you can get discount on Visa which I will keep in mind for next time as these were quite expensive. But I plan to leave a hundred and keep about 50 to put with my commissions etc.


I went with the Breaking Bad image as its my best piece I think, especially regarding a portrait as I struggle so much with them.

Its basic, though its crisp in tone. I cannot wait to receive them.

Setting up my installation area

I began helping my father assemble my area of my two chairs and bookshelves that I managed to obtain from Ikea. I tried to look for leather like old looking chairs though the time to get a van etc it was easier to buy modern looking ones that seemed to have a therapist feel to them.

I went with black as I found it more blending with the scene rather than a dominant red.

My chairs

My chairs


I found my space was too bare with just the furniture. The wall is too large for the area and it was hard trying to place my furniture in a location that’s almost like a corridor. I do wish I had a corner, it would be much easier. The only plus side of my area I have plug sockets and its quieter in the sense of noise, as all the projectors are in another location.


I’m struggling to place my tv monitor somewhere where people can sit and walk around, or stand behind the chair to view it.

But having a long think I will be buying a poster of something brain related, and putting up a photo frame of Sigmund Freud. This will hint that my theme is related to psychology and phobias as hes quite recognized. Also being of a canvas print people may think I painted it which will be interesting as I used the same paper for my gorilla print in that art auction.

I plan to buy some text books to add to my bookshelf alongside a statue of a head to give the impression if a waiting room or therapy session.


I was actually quite surprised at how effective these glasses were. Being positioned in the one seat you are not too distracted with the area around you. On the left is my wall and you could possibly see a poster once its in place and the other the corner of the wall.

It may be wise to see around people as they may be claustrophobic in some ways by not being able to see their surroundings knowing of other people watching etc.


Needing more in my space

Looking at my space I am not 100% happy with the location its hard to move around the area to see the tv and walk behind the chair.

I also think as my wall is so large I needed more props such as books or posters to give the impression its a therapy area almost as with the white and black it looked quite clinical and clean.

I will go and look in Blackwell in the morning to find these, I know my sister also had a head like statue of a person and words on the brain.

A Change Of Location

I saw David and he asked me how my project was going. I said the space I had was awkward to set my furniture in and it was extremely cramped and would have preferred a corner location. He motioned to follow him and led me to where I was originally been placed. Sadly I was quite stressed being a day before my final hand in and I had to paint parts of the wall and re clean the floor.

I then had to find a technician called Dennis to fit a extension cable from the ceiling into my space and then take out a tv for degree show.

I spent the day thinking how I was going to set up my work as I have two bookshelves, two chairs, a tv monitor and glasses connected to a dvd player.

Thankfully it’s big enough to walk around and watch the tv or for people to sit down to interact with my glasses or headphones.

I’m more happy with this location and it was where I originally wanted to be placed.

Setting Up My Exhibit Space

Setting up my exhibit space was a relief it was good to see how much space I had to play with. There was enough space to walk around to view my tv as well as to listen to the headphones.



As we can see here I needed a extension lead that came down from the ceiling past the wall and hanging down.


I also tested out my tv and dvd player, thankfully a classmate did not need her tv anymore for her exhibit space so I took it out to use.

The quality of the screen was quite crisp and the sound was amazing, and being in studio 7 the room is quiet as all the projectors are on the other part of the building.

After I cleaned my space I started to place my chairs and bookshelves in the area.



I decided instead of standing on the sides here to listen to my balloon piece, the right hand side is louder in the CD itself so I thought it would be wise to sit. Also the tv people can stand and watch it, as I originally planned to allow people to sit and watch but I dont think its needed.



I decided to buy some books from Blackwell, which were actually really inspiring to read it made me question theory’s by Freud. The small statue and set up is to encourage and give the impression of a clinical setting installation. Everything is black and white even the frames as its so clean.

I will most likely sweep the floor tomorrow to just give it a once over.


The chair here is positioned to face the wall to try and not distract the viewer. The glasses are on a small stand to encourage people to wear them. There are also little black fabric like flaps over the sides as I did find it a little distracting when they were worn. They dont fully block it all out, but I think its safer for the viewer this way as they are still aware of their surroundings.

I also bought a brain poster to go onto the wall and it’s beginning to look like surgery.


I decided I wanted a Freud image, this was printed on canvas paper much like my gorilla print back at the art auction. It looks very realistic like it was painted, if I had more time I may have drawn one, though I think this looks quite effective and almost like a dedication or a doctors office.

There is also a small picture frame describing words relating to the theme of phobia such as anxiety etc.


The tv location has enough space for people to walk around and interact with the headphones and glasses which I’m much happier about.

Overall I am very pleased with my layout, it’s been a tiring journey and I felt I have done a great achievement, at Christmas time I came to a artists block of how I could take and push my work further. My supernatural project came to a standstill as I was not sure how I could present it, linking that with the the tunnel I came across by Simon Fenoulhet really turned my work around and ideas.

I would not change this any other way and I am very happy with my outcome and how its presented.

Artist Statement


“Dread” requires a specific object of which we are afraid. ‘Fright,’ however, emphasizes the element of surprise; it describes the state that possesses us when we find ourselves plunged into danger without being prepared for it. Sigmund Freud

My work explores themes regarding peoples phobias. My goal is not necessarily to frighten people, it’s about facing that fear and encouraging others to overcome it. I recreated several phobias from data I collected from people and placed myself in specific situations in order to experience that individuals fear.

This was mentally and physically challenging as I experienced Claustrophobia in an abandoned, collapsed tunnel in Cardiff. I also donated blood, alongside interacting and handling animals such as rats, snakes and a tarantula, but also facing my own fear of Vertigo by climbing a ladder.

For me that was mentally challenging as it surfaced traumatic memories and experiences as a child. But I felt it was a achievement as I felt liberated to try and overcome my own phobia.

I found the tunnel to be physically challenging to explore and experience. It was very dangerous and extremely narrow. There was also severe risk of it collapsing a second time as it was very unstable. I had to crawl on my stomach to enter the tunnel and then again, where it previously collapsed.

Not only have I personally experienced these phobias but the viewer can also experience my struggle, mentally and physically throughout these ordeals.

Summative Post-Documentation

1.Simon Fenoulhet-

I accidentally came across Simon online and I was fascinated by his work of light and dark. I read about him discovering this tunnel outside the Park Plaza hotel and I wanted to investigate it. He was very helpful with my project and inspirational and this was the turning point in helping me take my project forward into the phobia aspect of it.

2.Martin Creed-

Martin Creed and his balloon art was very inspirational, my housemate is petrified of the noise of a balloon popping. Not only is it’s a more fun activity but its a interactive piece. I think this made me question why I thought it was important to make sure people can interact with my work, such as the visual glasses as it was almost like they were there experiencing it up close and personal.

3.Marina Abramovich–

Marina Abramovich really helped me consider the mental and physical limits I would have to endure and push myself to overcome and experience. In her work she suffers at great cost for her art, she was physically hurt in many ways to the point of exhaustion, to even fainting in a ring of fire as she ran out of oxygen. She was hurt by her audience and was mentally prepared to die for it.

Some of the tasks I had to do were either very frightening or much like her they were very dangerous such as the tunnel.

4.Sigmund Freud-

My project looks into the depth of the mind. Its about helping people overcome and understand the element of their own phobias and fears.

Freud helped us understand many things such as the study of dreams regarding the unconscious, alongside fear with symptoms of anxiety caused by fears and phobias and tried to help us overcome them.

His quote, “Dread” requires a specific object of which we are afraid. ‘Fright,’ however, emphasizes the element of surprise; it describes the state that possesses us when we find ourselves plunged into danger without being prepared for it.’

This made me really question myself and why I wanted to investigate and continue down the route of phobias. I think I wanted to examine and push my limits mentally and physically. He was rather inspirational and helped me understand why I was fascinated with peoples phobias.

5.Kutlug Ataman-

I think Ataman helped me question how I wanted to present my work. Looking back at my assessment I think I struggled greatly with the presentation of my body of work and how I would display it.

In his work he focuses on how to connect and engage with his audience. I think I accomplished this with the visual glasses as it shuts them off from their surroundings, but it helps them engage and view the film on a more intimate level. The same with the headphones as it takes away the sense of sound in their surroundings.

After Setting Up, Last Day

It’s hard to describe how I felt on this last day, calm and relived I think. I double checked my CD player which was a good thing as I think I tripped out the extension lead as it would not come on until i only used one extension lead and not several.


Me in my space, I noticed a few of my classmates were eager to interact with my work. I came back from helping someone and saw a person standing there transfixed at my spider video. I am looking forward to see how people react to it.





It was amazing watching people interact with my work. The rat eating popcorn made a great impact on people and it was interesting to see their reactions. Holly above looks so content watching my films and it was intriguing to see Ruth pulling faces and commenting a loud. The glasses part on the side blocks out some of the view which I wanted as people are still aware where they are. But they forget people can see them and watch their expressions which is the work also in itself.

I’m very happy with my work and I would not change one aspect of it, it fits perfectly into my practice and I think I finally found a way how to present it.


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