Subject Year 3

The Starting Point of my Project 6/10/2014

During my summer, I explored various artistic styles and found a medium I was happy to work with doing portraits, I also worked on many commissions and participated in a group exhibit with several classmates in Oriel Canvas in Canton, alongside doing a months worth of experience which was very beneficial.

Once returning to university I have seemed to have lost my buzz and enthusiasm, the building and facilities are supplied  but my studio space is quite small and shared. Also we have no plug-in points to use as they have installed usb ones, which no one can access, so we are still waiting for them to be fixed.

I have tried my hardest to find something that could motivate me again and I could explore for the rest of the year. I began to examine Roath Park, and I even considered painting and drawing it at different times of the day, but to my dismay I found it boring. I was more interested in the history of the location and the lighthouse which seemed out-of-place due to it being a clock and part of a small lighthouse, located in a man-made lake, to my knowledge it’s desiccated to a crew who sank at sea. It had a door to enter it, though it had no access points at the top.

I experimented a little with this idea and talked about it with my tutorial group, but to be honest I found the group to be quiet in regards of bouncing ideas off one another. It only seemed to be me participating and pitching by giving artists names and ideas. Sadly I found my tutor to be unhelpful as well, and I talked to several students who complained about their teaching skills. I decided after the second session I had on the Monday afternoon and I saw my head of year, and explained their teaching style was not to a standard I was expecting, and I decided I could not spend the rest of my academic year with someone who could not help push my work forward, or develop my ideas. I needed a tutor who could give me criticism and feedback.

After this, my tutor agreed and swapped me with James Green and he suggested my work-studied narrative, as I share stories, it helped me decide what direction I would continue with.

I began exploring Cardiff and the paranormal. I have always had a strong fascination with the supernatural and of the possibility of life after the beyond. I have not personally experienced anything myself yet, but I have had many friends who have, which is something to take into consideration in the future.

I began exploring Cardiff as past projects I have explored the darker history of Cardiff, such as the Royal Arcade and the mass grave buried beneath it. I began exploring Llandaff’s area, as I visited the ghost tour for my birthday back in May.

I discovered Llandaff has a lot of history going back hundreds of years, from the 6th century on-wards. The Cathedral itself was built-in the early 12th century has been invaded and attacked numerous times, the most famous in the 14th century by Owain Glyndwr. It has also been damaged in a storm in 1703 and 1720 and it was also bombed during the second world war, which today shows signs of this on several graves. It has also caught fire and has been strike by lightning.

Not only this I discovered that in 1977 the caretaker for the Cathedral who lived opposite in a quaint cottage murdered his wife named Glenys Darling. James Barry Glenys that day on October the 17th borrowed a book from the library on electrics and he changed the plug-in a fan heater, and police discovered the earth terminal was not connected, she was 8 months pregnant. The police stated ‘he had gone to the bathroom to rinse his wife’s hair and saw the heater in the bathroom, which she used to dry it. He picked it up and intended to speak to her about its danger but instead let it slide into the bath.’

During the actual trial he stated, ‘My intention was to frighten her so that she would probably remember this and whenever she had the idea of taking the heater into the bathroom again, she would probably recollect this and have second thoughts.’ He was released in 1990 but in 1998 he killed himself.


Response from Cardiff Ghosts, 07/10/14

October 07/10/14

I then decided to contact the ghost tour in Cardiff to see if they could supply any evidence or additional information as I could not remember all the stories and tales they and only recalled a select few.

I emailed Jim Cowan with,

Dear Jim,
I am a Fine Art student currently studying my last year at Cardiff Metropolitan University and I have based my final project on Llandaff and Cardiff’s paranormal activity. I have tried to uncover any sightings, articles etc about the “Black Monk” and the other ghosts such as the woman who drowned herself, or the murder by the river, or even the man who shot himself by the graveyard. I enjoyed my own experience with Carl in May, and I always recommend it to others. I hope you can help me as to my dismay I cannot find any additional information, apart from the murder in 1977 carried out by the Caretaker. Can you please help me as it would be most beneficial for my practice of any knowledge you may have, documentation, statistics on the suicidal hotspots etc or your own experience on the tours.
Many thanks,
Jamie Jones

He replied with a very disappointing response of,

‘Dear Jamie
Thank you for your enquiry. I am really sorry but Cardiff Metropolitan University has dealt my business a severe blow by deciding, despite overwhelming opposition from the Community, to destroy Llandaff Meadow and create an un-needed sports facility in its place. It will effectively mean the end of the Llandaff Ghost Walk (at least as we know it). To make matters worse, the University has refused to even acknowledge letters, petitions, and requests for meetings from members of the Llandaff Community in which it is based.
As a result I no longer have anything to do with the university, its staff, or its student organisations.
I am very sorry if this sounds harsh and I realise it will have an impact on your project plans. However, it is a direct reaction to the arrogance displayed by your institution, its refusal to recognise its obligation to the conservation zone in which it is based, and the stress it caused me as a small business over the last year.
Yours sincerely
Jim Cowan
Cardiff History and Hauntings 07538 878609
I should add that I wrote to the Student Union to ask for a meeting, hoping that they could alert the students about what was happening. Unfortunately I never even got a reply.’

To be honest this was extremely disappointing as I previously recommended his tour numerous times saying it was an interesting, fun experience. It’s quite pathetic how he has targeted a student and customer, due to his quarrel with the university. I then emailed my head of year and the Dean herself to find out what was this about, as he was very rude. I successfully got a response saying they agreed it was very disappointing and that the university actually owned the grounds, and the council has approved planning permission for a new sports facility.

After this I decided to find my own information and I highly advised people to not waste their money or time, after investigating their “facts.” There are no records of sightings or eye witnesses anywhere online that they stated on the tour, apart from one.
There are no websites, articles or blogs of any ghost activity in Llandaff that was not linked to Cardiff History and Hauntings. Such as the Black Monk, playing children, a ghost named Bella who committed suicide and a supposed suicide in the graveyard of a man who shot himself! I concluded their tales were all fiction and I discovered anyone who wrote a negative review, Jim himself sadly responded with a childish response on Trip advisor. I can state I will not waste my time or money with this business if they treat people the way they have.
The only source I could find of any account was a of a banshee in Llandaff, apparently it’s on record and I came across a most helpful magazine article written by Jim himself, with the Spectral Times

Dated in 1574 by Jane Pugh a local man by the name of Sion Gruffudd witnessed hag with red hair and black eyes fly and she screamed in the dead of night at his window.
The second sighting was dated on 14th November in 1877 by an American named Wirt Sykes he witnessed the banshee enter the famous pub called the ‘Cow and Snuffers,’ as she also had red hair and tried to open his window. The next day the landlord Mr Llewellyn was found dead. I did find the landlord was called Williams John Llewellyn did die on this night suddenly.

Further Research 11/10/14
October 11th 2014
I began finding out more information on the history of Llandaff such as were there any other murders or suicides in the area, I did discover many in the area of the river Taff.

Anne Matthews accidental drowning in 1706, 20th April 1907 Mr Rowland Hill Griffis, age 51,
10th June 1881 a 19 year old drown. Sarah Lancaster murdered child by strangulation,
drowning 25th Jan 1890 gardener found behind the Cow and Snuffers.
Thomas Williams attempted suicide 29th May 1986.
Charles and Rosina Hamptoon double suicide by drowning, 11th April 1896.
Walter Herbet accidental drowsing age 7, 23rd September 1896.
Cut throat suicide, John Upland aged 60, 13th March 1909.
These were all found scrolling through numerous newspapers this one being the Evening Express dated between 1804-1919.

I could spend the countless amount of hours researching the history of Llandaff, though I am not sure where to take this project forward from here. I did consider going to the graveyard to take images and seeing what I could capture.

First Ghost encounter ? October the 12th
My and my friend Emma ventured out for our first ghostly walk to possibly capture any questionable photographs with a traditional vintage 35mm camera, as if I did capture anything it would be clearly on the negatives and redeemed as not a fake. The only image I found was an ordinary scene. I was first drawn to the swirling orb like effect in the bottom right hand corner, upon reflection I have been told it is a printing error from a spill. Also in the center of the piece it was questionable as only three people who have experienced anything out of the ordinary, all saw a nurse/small boy’s head in the tree. Again I have been told it’s an effect called matrixing, meaning our brain forces us to see a subjects in anything from trees to clouds.

Ghost image? Llandaff

Ghost image? Llandaff

I posted this image on a ghost Facebook group called Haunted Events UK, it was interesting to see a mixed response and different conversations

  •  Richard Buckland- Firstly glass doesn’t have to be present on the floor to give any kind of reflection!, this confused even me! The bottom ringed item looks like development fluid spill a common occurrence in 35mm film print, the leaves at the top and your description is nothing more than matrixing.
  • Jamie Jones –Thank you, any other opinions? Just want to see what people think.
  • Keiron Mccorquodale  What see in the tree look to me older with a dog’s head at his legs..
  •  Louise Sunkins-I see the figure now,I’m not sure if its just a trick of the eye though . What’s the misty thing on the left,is that just a sun ray or sumfin?
  • Jamie Jones –Yes I asked over 20 people with the “boy” image and only 2 spotted it. I think thats me taking a image from my phone of this photograph x
  • Louise Sinkins, I’m inclined to think it looks like a girl with a dress on and some kind of head apparel,of ethnic minority
  •  Richard Buckland – isn’t anyone on here aware of the powers of suggestion??? If someone tells you to look for something in particular then by our very nature we start to form shapes of recognisable form. Not being nasty but surely you must have some rational thoughts on this..
  •  Louise Sinkins Indeed Richard. I am a cautious beleiver and well aware of suggestion etc. I’m not saying what it is,only what my eyes are making me see! I’m not like ooooh,a ghost or anything and comments like that do insult my intelligence tbh. At the end of the day its all a matter of opinion,you know that and I respect yours so please respect others x
  • Lee Roberts Generally if you have to circle something to be noticed then it’s usually nothing at all and can be explained. This is a great picture, nothing more than Paradolia but a good effort.
  • Jamie Jones- Hmm I circled them as its a bad copy As I said only two people spotted that figure/matrix etc and when I have asked people can they see anything most point at anything and everything. Hence why I’m asking is it the trick of the light or can people see anything ?
  • Lee Roberts –That’s cool Jamie… The answer is Paredolia – the mind making shapes and faces out of nothing to Make sense of it.
  • Richard Buckland – It’s not a matter of opinion if your opinion manipulates other peoples thought process, how about just asking “what can you see” again people will look for the familiar in any shape or pattern. Remember it’s easier to believe than to doubt.
  • Jamie Jones –Sheesh Richard calm down only asking a question
  • Richard Buckland –I am calm Jamie, just making a point, not opinion
  • Lee Roberts –Let’s play nice guys…
  • Richard Buckland- I am one of the most chilled out people you will meet, Lee will agree with that. lol
  • Louise Sinkins –I think its easier to doubt personally,lol. But yeh,I did say in my first post I thought it was a trick of the eye,personally. Psychology does play a big part which I do take into consideration But even then,what if it isn’t paredolia and is actually a spirit manifestation,lol,at the end of the day its all subject to opinion eh
  • Jamie Jones –xD Which is what I am investigating lol.
  • Lee Roberts –The beauty of the Paranormal world Lousie… We will never know!
  • Louise Sinkins –Indeed! X
  • Richard Buckland –i like to debate, i don’t do name calling or anything like that, those were the darker days of the paranormal world, and louise I do respect your opinions.
  • Jamie Jones  –Though if anyone has “captured” any debatable images etc please post on here for me to see x
  • Louise Sinkins  –Ty Richard. I think its awesome the way you analyse things!
  • Richard Buckland  –there are loads of images on here Jamie just scroll down the page, none that can’t be explained though in my professional opinion.
  • Richard Buckland-Louise, whilst I do have a strong belief in the paranormal and the afterlife, I also have a 1st class degree in photography so finding a balance between belief and science is no easy task. Many people say I am unorthodox.. i guess they are right… lol
  • Peter Coin Boy Waller  –I’d say great pic but I generally think it’s just matrixing
  • Jamie Jones –I’m 50/50 As I stated last week I will be doing a ouija board film for a project, which will be posted. Though many people on here as I recall were objective, I’m simply curious hence this project x
  • Richard Buckland –nothing wrong with study and experimenting this is how answers are found. good luck Jamie
  • Jamie Jones –Yes as I have met many people who have supposedly witnessed paranormal occurrences. I have not experienced anything myself yet, but I do take it into consideration that some things cannot be explained. I did read somewhere on here of the latest Zozo episode on Ghost Adventures. 
  • Louise Sinkins-I think its a very useful and important skill in this field Richard! I find a good debunking very satisfying,lol. Saying that,I’ve had many experiences I just cant explain despite my rationalisation!
  • Louise Sinkins –There is alot of faked evidence out there but the majority of people do feel they have captured something unusual even if its accidental.
  • Louise Sinkins –So, Jamie,how do you feel about the Ouija board project?
  • Jamie Jones -Not sure I do see something there and nervous about the oujia board as there is a lot of paranoia about using it.
    My conversations were very interesting and it was surprising the mixed response of photo analysing and everyday beliefs.

Ocotober the 13th Tutorial with James Green

Tutorial with James Ocotber 13th

I found my tutorial to be more helpful in my new group, James allowed members to interact and help give useful crtitism. I said I was struggling on where to take my project forward as I experimenting in photography on my little mini ghost walks in the Llandaff area, but I said I will be making a Ouija board, to continue to experiment and film it to see if anything would happen.

I found people were interested in my project as it was different, by studying the paranormal and supernatural. But I must admit I am not sure where to take it from here.

October the 15th

October the 15th Second photography session-

I decided to revisit the scene in Llandaff and this time I recorded it, it was unfortunate that it was very active in noise due to various animals. I did not capture anything on my voice recorder as we explored a different section of the Cathedral.

My friend did however captured a unusual image exactly when I asked for a spirit to show their presence or to appear in the film. We captured a remarkable brown like fog that seemed to surround me, shown here below. It is not a finger blocking the lens as that would be a solid and I would be blocked out so I cannot explain this effect, I may see Chris short to see if he could suggest how it was caused.

I did get excited over one image, but I soon realised I must have taken a photograph of my friend Emma as she was wearing a white coat that was tied around her, it was still interesting as I wanted to believe something was there, as her composition does look faded and washed out but unfortunately the evidence shows it is her.




Derren Brown, October the 16th

I have found it difficult to find artists to link with my project as it it rather complex, I did come across a artists called Derren Brown-

Derren Brown

Derren Brown

February 27, 1971 (age 43), Purley, London

The ‘Lucky Dog’ was a experiment he set up in a town to explore and document people’s reactions, undersatding and investigate the idea of hear say regarding the use of luck. Brown explored through conversations of the people who patted the dog. Even the media got a hold of the statue that somehow got a hold of the known psychic “Sally Morgan” who emphiasises about the ‘energy’she feels in the area.

It’s a interesting concept that lasted over three months, when Brown reveals it this was the towns response.

OK, it was fake, but so what, something good came out of it all for lots of people simply because they believed in themselves for a change. It’s the idea of a supernatural occurance in a way of exploring concepts of superstitious beliefs. It’s a project he documented and I feel my work is exploring various ways to document or capture a belief.

Lucky Dog

Lucky Dog

Edgar Allen Poe 17th October

div id=”poem-top” class=”tab-content active”>

I even contemplated the idea of studying poetry as I have used it in my videos int he past in my work, as I find it the easiest way to express myself.  Edgar Allan Poe a American poet born January 19, 1809 – October 7, 1849. He wrote about mystery, the supernatural and macabre.

The Sleeper


At midnight, in the month of June,
I stand beneath the mystic moon.
An opiate vapor, dewy, dim,
Exhales from out her golden rim,
And softly dripping, drop by drop,
Upon the quiet mountain top,
Steals drowsily and musically
Into the universal valley.
The rosemary nods upon the grave;
The lily lolls upon the wave;
Wrapping the fog about its breast,
The ruin moulders into rest;
Looking like Lethe, see! the lake
A conscious slumber seems to take,
And would not, for the world, awake.
All Beauty sleeps!—and lo! where lies
Irene, with her Destinies!
Oh, lady bright! can it be right—
This window open to the night?
The wanton airs, from the tree-top,
Laughingly through the lattice drop—
The bodiless airs, a wizard rout,
Flit through thy chamber in and out,
And wave the curtain canopy
So fitfully—so fearfully—
Above the closed and fringéd lid
’Neath which thy slumb’ring soul lies hid,
That, o’er the floor and down the wall,
Like ghosts the shadows rise and fall!
Oh, lady dear, hast thou no fear?
Why and what art thou dreaming here?
Sure thou art come o’er far-off seas,
A wonder to these garden trees!
Strange is thy pallor! strange thy dress!
Strange, above all, thy length of tress,
And this all solemn silentness!
The lady sleeps! Oh, may her sleep,
Which is enduring, so be deep!
Heaven have her in its sacred keep!
This chamber changed for one more holy,
This bed for one more melancholy,
I pray to God that she may lie
Forever with unopened eye,
While the pale sheeted ghosts go by!
My love, she sleeps! Oh, may her sleep,
As it is lasting, so be deep!
Soft may the worms about her creep!
Far in the forest, dim and old,
For her may some tall vault unfold—
Some vault that oft hath flung its black
And wingéd pannels fluttering back,
Triumphant, o’er the crested palls
Of her grand family funerals—
Some sepulchre, remote, alone,
Against whose portals she hath thrown,
In childhood, many an idle stone—
Some tomb from out whose sounding door
She ne’er shall force an echo more,
Thrilling to think, poor child of sin!
It was the dead who groaned within.
With catchy alliteration, sibilance and repetition this poem explores the macabre in the context of a death laid to rest of a woman who forever sleeps in her tomb.

The Haunted Palace


In the greenest of our valleys
   By good angels tenanted,
Once a fair and stately palace—
   Radiant palace—reared its head.
In the monarch Thought’s dominion,
   It stood there!
Never seraph spread a pinion
   Over fabric half so fair!
Banners yellow, glorious, golden,
   On its roof did float and flow
(This—all this—was in the olden
   Time long ago)
And every gentle air that dallied,
   In that sweet day,
Along the ramparts plumed and pallid,
   A wingèd odor went away.
Wanderers in that happy valley,
   Through two luminous windows, saw
Spirits moving musically
   To a lute’s well-tunèd law,
Round about a throne where, sitting,
In state his glory well befitting,
   The ruler of the realm was seen.
And all with pearl and ruby glowing
   Was the fair palace door,
Through which came flowing, flowing, flowing
   And sparkling evermore,
A troop of Echoes, whose sweet duty
   Was but to sing,
In voices of surpassing beauty,
   The wit and wisdom of their king.
But evil things, in robes of sorrow,
   Assailed the monarch’s high estate;
(Ah, let us mourn!—for never morrow
   Shall dawn upon him, desolate!)
And round about his home the glory
   That blushed and bloomed
Is but a dim-remembered story
   Of the old time entombed.
And travellers, now, within that valley,
   Through the red-litten windows see
Vast forms that move fantastically
   To a discordant melody;
While, like a ghastly rapid river,
   Through the pale door
A hideous throng rush out forever,
   And laugh—but smile no more.
I find his poetry quite dark in places though he does explore the supernatural. I don’t think I will continue with poetry as I need to find a way to express and present my work possibly through photography and film?

Ghost Images, Context 19th October

Ghost Images Dennis Russell- I began exploring ghost images online to explore if I could be convinced these images were real.

This particular image was taken on Sunday, 8/17/97, and the man behind her is believed to be her deceased husband who dies on Sunday, 8/14/84

Quoted-“We did not notice the man in the picture until Christmas Day, 2000 (granny had since passed away), while browsing through some loose family photos at my parents’ house. My sister thought it was such a nice picture of granny that she even made a copy for mom, but still, nobody noticed the man behind her for over three years! When I arrived at my parents’ house that Christmas day, my sister handed me the picture and said, “Who do you think this man behind granny looks like?” It took a few seconds for it to sink in. I was absolutely speechless. The black and white photos show that it really looks like him.” I can’t say I believe this image as there is no comparison, unless it was dated and I saw a comparison of their grandfather I may have considered it.



Secondly is Ghost In The Burning Building, The Ghost in the buring building I do consider to be a fake that was taken from a postcard, its widely believed this is a hoax. A article in the Shropshire Star presents evidence that the image of the girl in the photo may have been lifted from an old postcard, this can be viewed here

Ghost In Burning Building

Ghost In Burning Building

The supposedly ghost image though if we compare it to the post card from the pose, her facial expression and clothes are identical a bit coincidental I must admit. Spectator Tony O’Rahilly in 1905 photographed this, it even got examined by a specialist though only the photograph exists and not the original negative, so we will never know. This girl was believed to be Jane Churm, who accidentally started the disastrous great fire of Wem in 1677.

Jane Churm

Jane Churm

The Watcher, photo taken in Corroboree Rock at Alice Springs, Northern Territory, Australia in 1959. The watcher is believed to be a girl holding a camera or binoculars, what is she looking at? Why is she there? It could be a double exposure though looking at the photograph if the person captured this image what was he focusing on as there is no real content apart from some trees. I do consider this to be a fake.

One image I do believe is accurate paranormal photograph is the famous war image, taken in 1919, it was first published in 1975 by Sir Victor Goddard, a retired R.A.F. officer. It is believed to be Freddy Jackson a plane mechanic who dies suddenly by a freak accident regarding a plane propeller. Apparently he died two days before this image was taken and this photo was shot on the date of his funeral. freddy_jackson_lg Tennessee electric chair was to be renovated the engineer photographed several images to produce this. It’s a little blurry though there is clearly a face, perhaps a inmate who was sentenced to the chair? I’m not sure to believe this or not, it’s a 50/50.

Electric chair ghost

Electric chair ghost

From my research these images are my favorites it does not really matter if I personally believe it or not, its the idea that the idea has lived on for this long as their unexplained.

Ouija Board, October the 24th

I began obsessing over the idea of trying to communicate another way, as I used a  voice recorder and  I found photography seemed to be  at a standstill. I managed to get some wood from our own wood shop even the technician was a bit hesitant when I explained my project as he had his own encounter as a young lad, and swore he saw and communicated with his deceased friend.

I began making a Ouija board as I thought it would be fresh and non corrupted. Meaning that no one else has done any other readings with it. I can admit I may be a little superstitious and my conversations varied and many people seemed to be very paranoid and frightened of the idea, which was fascinating.

Ouija Board

Ouija Board

I used simple plywood which I sanded down to help me draw on it easier.

Jamie Jones

Jamie Jones

I began researching what was supposed to be on a Ouija board, what I could uncover was a sun on the left hand side, and a moon on the right. It must contain the number 0-9, “yes” and “No,” alongside “godbye”  Made by the inventor and lawyer Elijah Bond  on July 1, 1890 it was a piece of fun created for after dinner parties. Many people in the Victorian era would scam people with interesting illusions and tricks.

Jamie Jones

Jamie Jones

Wikipedia link-

The first real Ouija board was documented in China around 1100 AD, in historical documents of the Song Dynasty this is rather cool I must admit. “One of the first mentions of the automatic writing method used in the Ouija board is found in China around 1100 AD, in historical documents of the Song Dynasty. The method was known as fuji (扶乩), “planchette writing”. The use of planchette writing as an ostensible means of contacting the dead and the spirit-world continued, and, albeit under special rituals and supervisions, was a central practice of the Quanzhen School, until it was forbidden by the Qing Dynasty.[9] Several entire scriptures of the Daozang are supposedly works of automatic planchette writing. Similar methods of mediumistic spirit writing have been practiced in ancient India, Greece, Rome, and medieval Europe. “


The final stage, I then clear varnished this, which took two days to dry. I cannot wait to test it out in a real session based at home. Apparently you are not supposed to do a Ouija session at your home, as I think this is because if something did encounter then its in your home so I can see the logic. Though I like the challenge and superstition of it all and I plan to film on Halloween itself.

Ghost Adventures 22nd October
Ghost Adventures, is a tv programmed that was first aired on October 17th, 2008. To be honest I found it to be the best paranormal programme I have ever watched, not only do they try and find evidence in their investigations they actually experiment with new scientific equipment. From camera, to voice recorders they also use  a Kinect-




Paranormal technology inventor Bill Chappell outfits the Kinect’s 3D motion tracking camera with custom software specifically designed to seek out and read human forms.

REM bear-



A trigger object specifically designed for investigations involving children. The EM field radiates around the 14″ plush Teddy bear.The EM field is influenced by materials and objects with high electron mobility (many free electrons) in other words conductive properties. Based on conductive source, proximity & strength the EM field can be changed, resulting in field distortion. When this happens, there are (5) colorful LED lights and sound that will activate. The visual and audible response is proportional and correlates directly to the REM field disturbance.

Portable Speaker (Altec Lansing)

This speaker works great as an external speaker for The P-SB7 Spirit Box.

Portable Speaker

Portable Speaker

I chose these to use as examples of how they detect any paranormal occurrences, as they are the best in my opinion from watching the shows.

There’s youtube video of their best moments which is quite accurate, I enjoy the idea of the paranormal but the fact they interview people and even find history of the locations they visit like murders, suicide freak accidents leading to death. They have traveled the world from exploring mansions and asylums in America to the Tower Of London to the Edinburgh vaults to Mexico doll island one of the top ten haunted placed in the WORLD!

The hosts are  Zak Bagans, Nick Groff, and Aaron Goodwin. The series has just released their tenth series!

The Cast

The Cast

I think this was the starting point that really got me questioning the possibility of the afterlife. I have not experienced anything myself yet to date though many moments on here really makes you question everything you know. Such as voice recordings of other voices caught during filming a they always prove they are by their selves.

My favourite moments is

Linda Vista HospitalEdit

Linda Vista Hospital

Nick sees a woman apparition wearing a hospital gown and greatly scares him. At this exact moment all the camera actually got off with a crackling effect, and I must admit throughout the show he manner is very cool and quiet. This is the only moment in the whole show he is actually terrified to the point of leaving.

From 34.30 mins onwards we can see this moment.

The fact people are convinced what they have experienced mentally and physically is beyond fascinating I do admit I am 50/50 as I have not experienced anything yet to date. I think my project explores this, conversations

I only have a video camera, 35mm camera and a voice recorder which I plan to use in the future. I plan to film my Ouija Board session on Halloween itself.

Ouija Board, 31st October, Halloween

My Ouija Board session filmed on October the 31st. I have to admit I was quite nervous but excited as well to perform this to see well if anything at all occurred. I decided to participate in a Ouija board session for my project at university. I cannot be positive that I have any clear evidence that can be questionable. Personally I have always been a neutral about the afterlife, and my project examines uncovering any, or some evidence I cannot question. I would like to thank Emma Dodds and Hannah Griffiths in participating, who have both experienced unusual paranormal activity.

I started with a welcome opening, but to my dismay I did not feel a lot, and I was growing frustrated. With only two people taking part was to demonstrate no one pushed it etc. I did not uncut any of this, so people could see factors such as noise and other people could interrupt, which is something to take into consideration.

Part 1-

Part 2

Part two I actually swapped Emma with myself so I was checking on the camera and taking images. Emma as well as Hannah have both experienced a encounter, Emma boot sounds in her bedroom while she was about to drift off to sleep, which sounded like boots crunching in snow. Hannah as sworn she is often followed by a black figure who sits on her bed and has previously tried to choke her.

I’m not sure what I will do if I encounter something in the future if I do, or not. How do you try and process that, explain it, question it? This is something I will look into in the future on my investigations.

Part 3-

The only experience I had was was a weird feeling of tiredness, like my whole energy was drained from me. Apparently I went as white as a sheet and I remember holding myself up on the counter top as I felt I was going to collapse. At this moment me and Han both felt a cold breeze on the one side of our body even though the heating was on and it was boiling, in the living room.

Ouija Board Outcome, 1st Nov

After processing my film from a 35mm camera I started to look over the evidence of what may have been captured. I found it fascinating Emma and Hannah were both excited over one image but I do think if you wanted to see something you would find it.

I loved the contrasts of colours from the candles in the dim lit room.  It reminded me of a famous painting that was based all round light, that captured specific parts of the subject and the rest was hidden due to the light.

Experiment on a Bird in an Air Pump” by Joseph Wright of Derby. National Gallery, London.

An Experiment On A Bird On A Air Pump

An Experiment On A Bird On A Air Pump

There is one section of a photograph with a unusual orange streak running down the left hand side. I believe its a photo error from the film being exposed to light which I will explore more into.

Orange light

Orange light

The one image that really caught my attention was a figure. We were all convinced it was a shadow figure, as we can see there are two people performing the session, and then one person taking the photograph. It makes you question who is the other person in-front of the camera if there were only 3 people in the room. After showing the image many people were convinced as well until one person pointed out the candles on the right hand side were exactly the same as the left. After studying it I realised the image had somehow mirror as I used a Yankee candle which really stands out in the jar, I had one though in this image it appears to be two, obviously portraying it did mirror.

Ghost image?

Ghost image?

On the right side we can just about make out a figure, on closure inspection we see it’s been mirrored.

Ouija Board session two, Nov 3rd

Since my first Ouija session did not work, we decided to try again but this time in Hannah’s room, I warned my household to try to be quiet as it was rudely interrupted last time. Hannah had previously described a shadow man that follows her and sits on her bed, she did consider it to be of her godfather but she is unsure. This time I asked Em and Han to perform it and I filmed and photographed the area.

My video-

Towards the end Em and Han swore they saw a flying like orb almost like a tadpole. I did not see anything as sadly I was zoomed in on the board, which just missed it. Apparently it was on fire and made a swirling effect before vanishing. I did suggest a fly as we smelt burning very closely after this, though there was no bugs in the room.

One image from the evening!



I found the evening eventful but sadly no efficient evidence to convince myself or anyone else. Both Em and Han thought they saw a swirling orb almost alight. But I did not capture any of this on my camera.

This was a interesting aspect to study, I did find it fun making the board, planning the event and then performing and participating in it. It’s hard to say what exactly I wanted to achieve from it, I must admit I would have loved to find something that could convince me of another life etc. But if I did I think I would have been too shocked to absorb something I could not explain.

As my friends and many other people I have spoken too have had various experiences  and Emma saw a woman in my kitchen apparently walk by the window in my kitchen. I was upstairs and there was no one else in the house she was that convinced it was me, she apparently called my name. I will add she was very freaked out after this and to be left alone in my house for some time. But in my opinion there has been odd occurrences in the house such as I was in the bathroom and it sounded like someone slammed the door with their hand, there was no one there, and my housemates were downstairs creeped me out a little. No one would have time to reach the living room from the bathroom in a few seconds of me opening the door.

November the 5th, struggling point.

I have to admit I am at a struggling point in my project, I have started a little book of recycled material that I planned to discuss and make a story book almost of my adventures.

I plan to have a tutorial with Davida as I have always respected her opinion and found her helpful in the past. As my project is so complex, I’m not sure how to take it forward and to project it to others like would they understand it, relate or even find anything of interest. These are questions I have to keep asking myself as I have portrayed my work so far through photography. I’m hoping Davida can help me.

Cardiff Castle, Wed 12th November

I decided to try a location with just as much history as Llandaff, and Cardiff Castle has one of the most interesting beautiful places you could simply visit.

It was built by Norman invaders in the 11th century on top of a Roman Fort dating back to the 3rd century. It was then invaded by Owain Glyndwr the very same person who invaded Llandaff. For many years the castle was passed down to various family members and it is believed William the Conquereor passed it to his eldest son Henry the 1st. The towns people struggled with the harsh landscape at harvests which lead finally to a rebellion as he was charged with sedition.

Sedition definition I explored as apparently it was a common crime. As I quote from Wikipedia,

“Digest of the Criminal Law” stated that “a seditious intention is an intention to bring into hatred or contempt, or to exite disaffection against the person of His Majesty, his heirs or successors, or the government and constitution of the United Kingdom, as by law established, or either House of Parliament, or the administration of justice, or to excite His Majesty’s subjects to attempt otherwise than by lawful means, the alteration of any matter in Church or State by law established, or to incite any person to commit any crime in disturbance of the peace, or to raise discontent or disaffection amongst His Majesty’s subjects, or to promote feelings of ill-will and hostility between different classes of such subjects.

An intention to show that His Majesty has been misled or mistaken in his measures, or to point out errors or defects in the government or constitution as by law established, with a view to their reformation, or to excite His Majesty’s subjects to attempt by lawful means the alteration of any matter in Church or State by law established, or to point out, in order to secure their removal, matters which are producing, or have a tendency to produce, feelings of hatred and ill-will between classes of His Majesty’s subjects, is not a seditious intention.

As we can see, he was charged to appear before Parliament which he refused and decided to invade on 28 January 1316, and began the revolt by a surprise attack, which resulted in capturing the constable. This siege lasted over 6 weeks and finally he was overthrown after burning many towns and slaughtering many villages.

When I visited I even asked the security personal had they heard of any ghost stories or seen any sightings. Apparently there is a ghostly horse and carriage in the grounds and the Duke’s maid who was fired before his death, and she haunts the library. Though she admitted she has not experienced anything herself and the security wouldnt be able to do their job at every bang, thud and knock that happened throughout the night.

My discovery and experience in my next post was quite shocking, that I am still questioning weeks later……………………

Cardiff Castle, my ghostly experience 15 Nov

After entering the housing part of the building with no luck with my recorder etc me and Em ventured to the world war section in the grounds, in the bomb tunnel. I sat in the center on a bunk bed that was left behind after the world war. Then to my dismay to my right between the wall and frame I saw a white almost waist height down of a misty figure, and when I said to Em “are you seeing that” The time I turned my head we were both fixated on a massive black orb almost like a oval black mass shape that grew smaller until it went through the floor. It was very odd and Emma explored that part of the tunnel. There was nothing there! The doors were shut, no animals, the windows are blocked, and its a dead end.

It was very mind boggling and I am still questioning it today!

Cardiff Castle

Cardiff Castle



Cardiff  Castle Tunnel

Cardiff Castle Tunnel

It was odd every image I captured all came out blue with odd blue lights on them. Talking to a class mate she described the same thing, and once she saw the images she said even the lights looked the same with her “toast” ghost. Apparently her kitchen always smells of toast and she saw a blue orbs like this in the image. I cant explain the colour as many are blue with black streaks down them, it may be the light conditions.

Ghost sighting

Ghost sighting

The location where we saw the black orb. I’m not sure where to take this, I wanted to experience something and capture it, though when it happened it was so quick and so unexpected I think I was in complete shock, there was no time to take a image or film it happened so quickly in about 4 seconds. I wont forget it though and I look foward to other unexplained occurrences.

Tutorial with Davida 17th Nov

I have been struggling all week and considered how to take my work forward. I had to be honest I did find Davida quite tough and challenging, she focused mainly on how to portray my work. Suggesting ghost trains and walks etc, I decided at this stage I did not want to include a mass amount of people in my findings, its too complex and dangerous, especially health and safety and its very unpredictable. That’s not what I want to achieve, I had a long think and I considered my work to have explored history mainly in Wales in areas I have visited and found of interest, and narrative.

The question is how to portray this and to find any contextual work regarding artists research as I have to admit I’m so used to looking at art in the format of painting I struggle to find work to compare to my own, as my work is more like a document/ performance piece of my adventures.

I did find it a little harsh Davida mentioned my work was childish and should be a at a gallery standard, as the book I bought apparently was not of a high standard and would look more professional in a hand made book…I’m not sure what the difference is there, but since that point I placed all of my photos as a almost timeline on the wall, but again not sure where to take this from as I saw a interesting layout online.





I cannot find who produced this though it was exhibited in a gallery as it made a timeline of performance art through the years. I quite liked the layout and I plan to retry and recreate this myself in some way. Davida said she will email me with my feedback to explore some more artist research.

Reflection, 18th November

Since my first visit all I could think about was that ghostly encounter how exactly I will take this forward I have not a clue! As Davida questioned this, and to be honest I could tell she was not very enthusiastic about it and did not believe I saw anything. This led me to question how do you portray this to others, have they experienced anything they can relate to?

I feel I am not producing enough work wise, as I have done photography and film mainly for this project and performance in a way that included other people.

It felt I was exploring a taboo subject that has a long debatable aspect to it, as I said I have always been 50/50 on the paranormal but have always had a interest in it its the whole question of life. Life after death? There are various religions who all believe in a afterlife, but a the end of the way we have one life experience and it is a nice more comforting approach on what we think happens once that has ended.

I am still struggling with how to take this forward I go imagine painting though in what format, I am not sure how to get my personal experience across…….

I think this project is quite complex but I found nothing really motivates me as such, and I have struggled to get that buzz back with my work.

Cardiff Castle November the 19th

After my first encounter and my tutorial with Davida I decided to visit Cardiff Castle again.

This time I really explored my surroundings in the tunnel where I saw that unexplained orb like object.



This time as we can see I believe my 35 mm camera experienced some light fault, as apparently when some light gets exposed inside it creates this effect when the clicker inside over exposes.

The Tunnel

The Tunnel

Bed Bunk

Bed Bunk

This is where I sat and as we can see a strange fog like effect above it, this was not in any other image which is something to consider.

I did feel on edge when I explored this section but I think it was due to my last experiences. Em thought a rock hit her shoe like someone threw it, I did not see or hear anything but we did lead to this doorway, which is locked and leads downstairs possibly to wine cellars or even a bomb shelter room.

I asked very loudly if there is anyone there can they say something?

There was no sound or any people around and we both heard a startling hiss that was that loud we both jumped back. It was quite frightening and I left very quickly and refused to go back, it was a odd experience and not a pleasant one. The overhead Winston Churchill went off which made me jump right after this as well.

Waiting For My Tutorial Feed Back Nov-22

I  was still waiting on my tutorial feedback a week after my tutorial, I only got a email a day later after I asked Davida where was it. I’m struggling as it is, with no idea who to look at context wise. I plan now to explore the artists she advised and see if they will help me.

Simon Pope, Artist research Nov 22

After finally receiving my feedback, there was one artists that stood out called Simon Pope I really liked the idea of his work of memory. I brushed upon it last year which didnt really work for me in the end, but the idea of either drawing from my own experiences or others as my project has explored memory and dialogue and conversations.

One of Simons projects was drawing peoples memory’s on their walks.

Quoted from his book on his webpage, A series of 20 small-scale landscape paintings produced with watercolour painter Mike Hoyles from dialogues following Pope’s walks in the mountains of Northern Italy.

A commission for the The Tatton Park Biennale curated by Parabola
May-August 2008
A hand-bound book of the original watercolours is on loan to Tatton Park’s mansion house from May 2009.

Introduction to the book:
“But should any of these rough abrupt parts be more strongly marked should the rocks and the broken ground distinctly appear and their lines be such as a painter would express by firm decided forcible touches of his pencil then the picturesque would begin to prevail and in proportion as that distinct and marked roughness and abruptness increased so far the character of the beautiful would decrease.”
Uvedale Price, Essays on the Picturesque, as Compared with the Sublime and the Beautiful. 1812
Italy’s influence on Tatton Park is pervasive: in the paintings of Milan, the prints of Venetian palaces and in the Italian Garden. The late Lady Egerton’s own watercolour paintings, displayed inside the Mansion House, are equally indebted, depicting mountains and lakes of the Italian Alps.This book draws together a number of watercolours produced by Simon Pope in collaboration with watercolour painter Mike Hoyles, echoing Lady Egerton’s journeys and her picturesque depictions of alpine landscape. Having walked in the Alto-Adige/Südtirol and the Brenta Dolomites in May 2008, Pope returned to Tatton Park to enter into dialogue with Hoyles. Recalling scenes from memory, Pope described views of lakes and mountains encountered in Italy. Finding common-ground in the language of pictorial composition, the paintings’ production was shared by the two artists; a composite of imagined and remembered landscape, of the spoken-word and watercolour on paper. The paintings bound into this artists’ book are the result of this process of negotiation and dialogue – between artists, landscape and the conventions of their respective art practices.

paintingfrommemory (1)


It’s a amazing concept to explore using the mind, I have considered this in the past to draw from my own memory of what I saw, felt and experienced. It’s now the question how I explore this. It’s something I really want to explore and work towards now, drawing/painting.

Further Research Artist Context Nov 24

Janet Cardiff

Born 1957, Brussells, Ontorio Canada and currently lives in Berlin.

“A remarkable thing about Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller’s utterly captivating sound installation is how it blurs distinctions between site and art. You enter a clearing in the forest, sit down on a wooden stump, and simply listen. Cardiff and Bures Miller’s work incorporates the actual forest into an audio composition emitted from more than thirty speakers. Sometimes there is a near synchronicity of natural and mediated sounds, and it’s tough to discern what is live and what is recorded.

On a sunny day you hear the rustling breeze, but also the recording of a dramatically escalating wind that sounds intensely real. You sonically register that a storm is approaching, even though your eyes tell you otherwise; when you hear a branch loudly snap overhead (in the recording), you become instantly fearful and flinch. The recorded sounds move in a sphere around you, and you feel as if you’re in the shifting presence of history. There are the sounds of war: whistling screeches, big explosions, the rat-a-tat of machine gun fire. There is a brief but shocking scream, a crashing tree, sounds of a mother and child, clanging metal. Singers come close, but then leave. You hear the trees and the wind again, and the crickets and birds. In turn frightening and deeply touching, ominous and serene, Cardiff and Bures Miller’s forest soundscape is a wonder in the park, and one of the best works in the whole exhibition.”



Forest 2

Forest 2

FOREST (for a thousand years…)| Installation View

Her piece focuses on playing with the mind, how we use our senses in the everyday. It mentions the sound of a storm in the speaker, from this I can imagine the sound of a strong wind, rain or thunder etc demonstrates the possibility of a storm, quite interesting to be honest.

I like the idea of a listening piece, it allows others to engage, which I think is important in artwork. But I decided I do not wish to explore performance art, but maybe work from film and my photography and then into painting.

I do love a piece you can interact with and this is remarkable!
The Cabinet of Curiousness is an antique wooden card catalogue with 20 drawers. Functioning as an interactive piece, the opening of each drawer activates a voice or piece of music from within the cabinet. The audience, assuming the role of a DJ, may experience the clarity of sound from one drawer or a cacophony of sounds from numerous drawers opened simultaneously as the cabinet is played like an instrument. A contrast emerges between the obsolete system of cataloguing single pieces of data and our current tendency to inundate ourselves with excessive information. An investigation of knowledge, time, and our relationship to objects and music. The video, its quite a fun piece where people could actually play with it and combine sounds.

Video 2-

Another artists I liked and found inspirational was Susan Hiller,

Born in America in 1940 Hiller focuses her work on many aspects. She explores the supernatural, collectives, culture and the subconscious.

Joseph Beuys, series of felt-lined cabinets containing antique bottles of holy water collected by the artist around the world; ongoing from 1969
Home Nursing: Homage to Joseph Beuys’, 1969 – 2011
15 wooden felt-lined first aid cabinets, containing 116 bottles of holy water and vintage first aid supplies
43 1/4 x 75 1/4 in. /
110 x 191.3 cm

Susan Hiller

Susan Hiller



I do like the idea of her travelling the world and dedicating a piece like this, it almost like taking a memento from everywhere she went. Plus to dedicate herself to a project is very admirable to stick at it so long.

I do want to go back into painting though I am not sure how I will do this, it’s something I need to think long and hard about throughout the year, and overcome.

Further Research Artist Context Nov 24

Janet Cardiff

Born 1957, Brussells, Ontorio Canada and currently lives in Berlin.

“A remarkable thing about Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller’s utterly captivating sound installation is how it blurs distinctions between site and art. You enter a clearing in the forest, sit down on a wooden stump, and simply listen. Cardiff and Bures Miller’s work incorporates the actual forest into an audio composition emitted from more than thirty speakers. Sometimes there is a near synchronicity of natural and mediated sounds, and it’s tough to discern what is live and what is recorded.

On a sunny day you hear the rustling breeze, but also the recording of a dramatically escalating wind that sounds intensely real. You sonically register that a storm is approaching, even though your eyes tell you otherwise; when you hear a branch loudly snap overhead (in the recording), you become instantly fearful and flinch. The recorded sounds move in a sphere around you, and you feel as if you’re in the shifting presence of history. There are the sounds of war: whistling screeches, big explosions, the rat-a-tat of machine gun fire. There is a brief but shocking scream, a crashing tree, sounds of a mother and child, clanging metal. Singers come close, but then leave. You hear the trees and the wind again, and the crickets and birds. In turn frightening and deeply touching, ominous and serene, Cardiff and Bures Miller’s forest soundscape is a wonder in the park, and one of the best works in the whole exhibition.”



Forest 2

Forest 2

FOREST (for a thousand years…)| Installation View

Her piece focuses on playing with the mind, how we use our senses in the everyday. It mentions the sound of a storm in the speaker, from this I can imagine the sound of a strong wind, rain or thunder etc demonstrates the possibility of a storm, quite interesting to be honest.

I like the idea of a listening piece, it allows others to engage, which I think is important in artwork. But I decided I do not wish to explore performance art, but maybe work from film and my photography and then into painting.

I do love a piece you can interact with and this is remarkable!
The Cabinet of Curiousness is an antique wooden card catalogue with 20 drawers. Functioning as an interactive piece, the opening of each drawer activates a voice or piece of music from within the cabinet. The audience, assuming the role of a DJ, may experience the clarity of sound from one drawer or a cacophony of sounds from numerous drawers opened simultaneously as the cabinet is played like an instrument. A contrast emerges between the obsolete system of cataloguing single pieces of data and our current tendency to inundate ourselves with excessive information. An investigation of knowledge, time, and our relationship to objects and music. The video, its quite a fun piece where people could actually play with it and combine sounds.

Video 2-

Another artists I liked and found inspirational was Susan Hiller,

Born in America in 1940 Hiller focuses her work on many aspects. She explores the supernatural, collectives, culture and the subconscious.

Joseph Beuys, series of felt-lined cabinets containing antique bottles of holy water collected by the artist around the world; ongoing from 1969
Home Nursing: Homage to Joseph Beuys’, 1969 – 2011
15 wooden felt-lined first aid cabinets, containing 116 bottles of holy water and vintage first aid supplies
43 1/4 x 75 1/4 in. /
110 x 191.3 cm

Susan Hiller

Susan Hiller



I do like the idea of her travelling the world and dedicating a piece like this, it almost like taking a memento from everywhere she went. Plus to dedicate herself to a project is very admirable to stick at it so long.

I do want to go back into painting though I am not sure how I will do this, it’s something I need to think long and hard about throughout the year, and overcome.

I came across a artist who lives in Cardiff who studies quite unusual projects for his art practice.


Simon Fenoulhet studied Fine Art at both Newport and Cardiff Colleges of Art gaining a Masters Degree in 1987. Since then he has worked throughout Wales as an artist, educator and public art consultant, including a period as Deputy Director of Artworks Wales between 1991 and 2002. In 2012 he received a Major Creative Wales Award, enabling him to develop a new body of light based installation work at his studio at Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff. He won the Gold Medal for Fine Art at the 2010 National Eisteddfod of Wales and until July 2013 was working part time as a Senior Lecturer in Fine Art at the University of Wales, Newport. He now works freelance as an artist and arts consultant.

Oddly enough I was at the Eisteddfod in my hometown in 2010.

His work concentrates on the use of light mainly, but what peaked my interest was this particular project of exploring areas in Cardiff not many people have visited or know about in many cases.

His page-

Looking for Darkness

This project is an experimental journey into some of Wales’ subterranean places in search of new ways of working with light. Made possible by an Arts Council of Wales Creative Wales Award in 2005, the artist has made over 20 underground trips into caves, mines and tunnels, guided by instructors Vaisey Bramley and Judith Spring, in search of the underlying qualities that define the unlit world. The result is a series of experimental photographs that record the process of exploration and the artist’s attempts at drawing with light.

After spending a lot of time trying to exclude natural light from the studio, the idea of working underground became a compelling alternative. The lack of daylight results in what appears to be a dead world until the darkness is temporarily parted with lamps and reveal the hidden processes of geological time. These intestinal passages are a source of both intrigue and beauty.

I think the fact it was something different and unknowing where a place I walk nearly everyday in Cardiff could possibly have tunnels under the city, I have heard rumors though I thought it would be fascinating to see them myself! I think its mainly to do with a idea of my relatives working in the pits and hearing stories about that. I did become a little obsessed over this idea and inspired again and decided to take the chance and email Simon myself and to my dismay he responded.

Some of his images on his Facebook page regarding the hidden tunnel in the Greyfairs area.



Tunnel two

Tunnel two


Hello Simon,
I hope you can help me with my project, I am in my final year at university working towards my degree show. A tutor suggested your work and it would be most helpful for me to look at, as I have previously studied Cardiff as a source of inspiration and have been fascinated with it’s darker history. From a mass cholera pit that lies directly beneath the Royal arcade near the cellars, to the old wall foundations in Howells, from the Bethany Chapel, I also heard a rumor of many tunnels that led beneath the city.

I came across your video in Greyfairs, and I was planning to investigate it to film for my current project. I am currently studying the paranormal and supernatural and I was wondering if you have personally felt or seen anything unusual in your time there? It’s a unusual subject and I will admit I am 50/50 on the whole concept, but I have always had a fascination of the unknown, history and exploring, as I have noticed Cardiff Castle have some sort of cellar that’s not accessible based near the world war section.

Also do you have any advice on the tunnel itself, such as safety, as I read you have a caver to help you explore it?

Hope to hear from you soon,

best wishes,

Jamie Jones

He responded shortly after which was very exciting and very nice of him.

Every city has layer of activity / construction that get built over by subsequent generations and often forgotten about in the process. That’s certainly what happened with the Greyfriars tunnel. It is stable and in my opinion safe to go into but it is in a fairly inaccessible place which would require permission from the Park Plaza Hotel to get access. I didn’t feel anything unusual down there and I suspect that it was used for something practical like bringing water into the old Friary or the castle. However, the fact that this very old tunnel exists makes you realise that there are layers of history under your feet, some of it less than pleasant I’m sure.

I have teamed up with a caving friend of mine in the past but it’s not essential for the Greyfriars tunnel. He came with me out of personal interest on this one! I think the best thing is if you phone me sometime and we can have a chat to see if I can be of any more help to you.

Best wishes

He left me his personal contact number to arrange a phone call.

I also rang the Park Plaza shortly after this to arrange if I could actually visit the location I believe I spoke to a Kathryn, a receptionist who managed to get in touch with a manager after I explained I was a student and I had been in talks with Simon.

Phone Conversation with Simon Fenoulhet 25th Nov

I had a phone call with Simon and I will include sections of the conversation.

He-“How did you actually find out about the hidden tunnel?”

Simon-“Well I have to go back a bit, the whole thing started the Cardiff Art festival advertising these residencies and telling people at the festival was the theme reveal or conceal, and explore hidden parts of the city and I made a proposal to explore hidden parts that you could not get access to or see. I started researching any unknown underground spaces and I found a couple or references in text online and one was in a book, a tunnel discovered in 1856 and broke into a old tunnel.

(Someone had also written about this tunnel in a book called, “hidden Cardiff” by a Peter Finch.

Me-“But how would you find it, as you said it was behind the Plaza hotel?”

Simon-The other report talked about  going in at the back of the New theater.

Me-“Ah yes its all blocked off isnt it?”

Simon-“Yes that’s right, I knew the access must be from that side and not the other sides. There’s not that much of it that’s actually# exposed and most of it goes underground. I peered through the railings looking for  bits of missionary and I went and asked at the hotel would they let me go and look down the bank and I foud this little hole and I put my head inside and I saw this long tunnel.”

We then discuss a little about his project leading to other parts of Cardiff such as a pub near by St Mary Church to em asking,

“Because I heard  about a rumor of Cardiff Castle linking to Castle Coch through a tunnel?

That rumor has been around a long long time, and there’s also a story about eagles guarding Owain Glyndŵr treasure and it miles between the two castles and historians argue its expensive and its miles between them.

He believes the tunnel is linked with the water source, and reports of water going to the castle. He believes its hundreds of years old, and nothing built on it until the 1960’s think it was linked with the old Fiary in the 1200’s. The tunnel he thinks its medieval and could be judged by the stone work as in style and the motor between the stones.

He also goes on to say there are other tunnels in Cardiff covered by the secret act by BT under the city though there’s no information online, and people who work there have declined to speak about it. But its highly alarmed with high security so it looks like there will be no chance of him exploring it soon.

I explain more about my experience at the castle, regarding the sighting as I said after the ordeal I still consider the whole topic as 50/50 and I question has Simon experienced anything himself?

He talks about the experience and his senses being heightened and being opened to sound and your senses. But he likes the idea of “frightening himself and pushing himself beyond where he feels comfortable.”

He has explores various tunnels and caves, which he has found more frightening a twin tunnel in Ebbw Vale, Blaenau Gwent, which I found remarkably interesting as it’s a place in my hometown. Also where he won first place the National Eisteddfod for art in 2010, which funnily enough I attended myself.

I found this conversation to me most helpful and it helped me realise I did not just want to explore the supernatural, but History in its dark forms, literally in this case to be. I do want to explore painting eventually though I am not sure how or when. I cannot wait to explore this myself I am quite nervous though I am looking forward to it.

Simons image

Simons image



Simon Fenoulhet

Simon Fenoulhet

27th Nov Buying equipment.

I had to locate the appropriate attire, I already had overalls and steel cap shoes. I also had to buy new torches for my helmets and I found out these did not fit, which was annoying though I could still use the torch. Also I bought two safety helmets and gloves.

The camera I struggled with, as the university apparently only has 3, and a tutor was using one, a student another and one was due back. I knew a student in my class was using one and it was overdue. I managed to get a hold of his number and I booked it out before anyone else could, thankfully he brought it in for me.

November the 29th Art Auction Piece

For the art auction I have participated, though my health has been awful over the past two weeks with flu, I managed to make a print for my piece as well, as I did not have time to make a new piece of work. My father had some canvas paper left over and when we finally managed to make it work, and it printed beautifully.

People could not tell the difference between it being a print and a painting, which was surprising as I knew it was top quality then. I look forward to the opening night and I hope I am in better health.

My print

My print

Auction Dates

Auction Dates

Dec 3rd Tunnel exploring.

I arranged to visit the Park Plaza hotel in Greyfair at 11am. Me and Em packed out equipment and headed to the hotel, upon arriving the receptionist had no idea about anything being arranged or anything about a tunnel, it was greatly frustrating as I could not remember who I spoke too. All I could recall was a woman named Kathryn who got in touch with a manager and said it was ok.

The receptionist must have rang about 3 or 4 managers and this person called Kathryn was another receptionist who was not working that day, it was quite annoying as I had arranged all this and I considered it may have been a pointless week planning. A manager called Rooney I think came down and I explained the situation that the artist Simon Fenoulhet said it was fine for me to explore this tunnel for my project. The manager explained it was dangerous etc and I stated I had all the safety equipment, and the artists number thankfully. He rang him and thankfully Simon explained I was a student at Cardiff Met and I thanked him after it.

When we finally managed to access the tunnel I was quite nervous, and Em decided to have a look and said she wanted me to go first which was fine. I geared up with my helmet and overalls etc and crawled through, which was quite small and if I was any bigger I would not have squeezed through it.

Me in my overalls

Me in my overalls

Me with my full equipment, I did take images on a 35mm camera though for some reason the whole film came out blank which was very disappointing as I wanted to work from that. Thankfully I filmed it all which lasted about 20 minutes which I cropped down to 6 for a video for people to experience and see the conditions and speculate what they think it was used for. (THE VIDEO 6 MINS LONG)

I am not sure how I plan to use this in my project, I have considered drawing from memory or working from my film. I am not sure how this can lead from the supernatural to something else, as I feel something is happening here, though I still have not put it all together. The experience was a interesting one and I was quite nervous, yet scared contemplating what if I got stuck, or if one of us had a accident etc. It was amazing to consider how old it was, they think its linked to the old Friary that used to be near this area that linked to the castle, and a classmate even suggested it could have been used for dragging and storing ice. But personally I think it was something to do with water, due to the river that rang below it and it suggested the river was higher, and would flood down into it, to where they think towards Bute park behind the shops though there is no way of knowing as its all collapsed due to works.

The tunnel Map

The tunnel Map



Opening Night December the 3rd, Art Auction

I managed to attend the opening night, which I struggled greatly with the flu. But I could not make the last day of the auction as I travel back home every weekend, but I participated and supported it with the rest of my class. I would have liked to see more non fine art related people but I assume they will attend the last day.

I enjoyed it, it was a good turn out and the artwork looked amazing! We have already raised over 1.5+ grand for our degree show with a kickstarter.

The Opening night

The Opening night

The Opening Night

The Opening Night

Piece of work

Piece of work

I must admit this piece did catch my eye and it was a lovely piece, the colours and contrast were beutiful.

My piece

My piece

Apparently I found out later, my piece had a few bids, and one of my tutors admitted he bid, which was awesome !

They raised over one grand on the pictures alone bidding wise, which is a major achievement !

I know Davida can be harsh at times though I am struggling with motivation to keep going. My project I find it very interesting, and something I can keep motivated at. But I don’t know what direction and route to look at now. I was considering painting and drawing, and I am thinking using a combination of drawing, and working off my photos, life and film into dark paintings of Cardiff’s history.

I do agree at this point I should be making more, but I have been watching other students work at a pace of constantly working and making art I think I would burn out personally. I am still waiting over a week on for my feedback again sadly, but I think I will be working into painting as this is what I enjoy mainly and what I started in.

I did agree I was struggling how to present it, and my photos at the moment are displayed in a time frame of what occurred. I will be sticking up little cards of my descriptions, alongside my artist statement and code to my blog and tunnel film.

My wall

My wall

My wall 2

My wall 2

My Final wall piece set up, this covers a timeline of my investigations, I wish I could having taking some photography of the tunnel too though sadly my camera did not work and I only have the film as evidence.

I may be able to screen shot some images in the future to work from.

My Final Wall

My Final Wall

Artist Statement Dec 14th

Artist Statement

My practice had explored narrative regarding the darker aspects in Cardiff. For this project I have began by investigating the paranormal and supernatural, that was inspired by a ghost tour around the area of Llandaff Cathedral, which led to investigating any factual evidence or eye whiteness, or any physical evidence caught on film or camera on my own ghost investigations. I even explored and read up on deaths in the area(which I discovered many suicides, accidental drownings and several murders). Alongside two recorded sightings of a Banshee 300 years apart.

I have always had a keen interest in the paranormal and supernatural, but mainly as well of the history and investigations it has led me around Cardiff. I explored Llandaff, which led to Cardiff Castle where I witnessed my first ghostly experience. Me and my friend Emma witnessed a white, waist height moving fog in the corridor ahead, and then we both witnessed a massive black oval shaped orb that fell from the ceiling and down through the floor. I still consider myself to be in shock as I could not, and cannot explain what I saw, and it happened that fast I did not have time to capture it on camera.

This led me to consider how do I make this into art? I questioned exploring drawing from memory and I made a timeline of my investigations and recordings of my Ouija board sessions, Cardiff Castle visits and finally settling on my tunnel investigation through film and photography. I came across a artist who lives in the Cardiff area called Simon Fenoulhet, he discovered a hidden tunnel behind the Park Plaza hotel and I managed to gain access to this, and even had a phone interview with the artist. The tunnel was a amazing, frighting experience as it had collapsed half way through inside, and at parts I had to physically crawl into.

I plan now to investigate and experiment further and concentrate on painting and drawing for my next stage in my project, I like the idea of working from my investigations and portraying aspects people do not consider, or have personally experienced or explored, through painting and drawing.

Dec the 15th Setting Up

I came into uni to set up my work, such as adding my Ouija Board and putting up my artists statement and wordpress blog. I am personally happy with my development at this moment and I plan to explore painting and drawing now, as well as to concentrate  on my dissertation as I have only wrote my introduction.

My set up

My set up

A slight change in my project Jan 25th

I began to change my project slightly after the xmas break. Since my tutorial did not go as well as I hoped I struggled to find the motivation to carry on, alongside many of my class mates after speaking to many. I believe only a handful had a decent grade. I struggled with portraying and presenting mine, as its such a big complex concept.

From the supernatural and paranormal I have led into fear and curiosity. I explored a tunnel in Greyfair and I could not explain why I felt the need to go and explore it, I think I wanted to push my limits, almost to find a thrill to be exact. The reason I think was discovered recently, I felt that I have been in a deep slumber for a long time and I just woke up. I have had to re think my life and question where do I go from here? It has awoken a almost more daring character in myself, I have had this idea of re-creating phobias in the past and I have considered the Greyfair tunnel was exploring a phobia, I felt excited rather than scared and looking back on it I would not do it again after realising the position I put myself in.

After squeezing into a small area I don’t think I really considered the risk even though it collapsed previously I could have been trapped or buried alive in it. Also having people in my class watch the video, made them feel uncomfortable as they almost considered their selves to be in my position.

I think my next step from here is to explore peoples phobias. In all of my projects I have explored the idea of conversations and related them to my own experiences of talking to people in my everyday from being online to people I work with and my classmates etc.

Jan 27th Collecting information on peoples phobias,

I began collecting information on peoples answers online and people I came in contact with.


Ruth- swimming, spiders,

Tash-fruit and spiders,




Deirdre-tight spaces,dark,drowning,

Wendy-bats, moths,


James Green-dead birds,


Holly-being sick,

Zoe-vegetables being cut uneven,


Adam-old women,




David Fitzjohn-rats,

Lucy-noisy eaters,




Alex Taylor family members-feathers,

Alex Browne-Deep water,

Liam Matthews-snakes, sponges,


James Bey-Cotton wool,

Nei Dale-balloons,

Danny Dan-wasps,

Sian-falling downstairs,


Lewis Williamson-balloons,

Steve-tight spaces, moths,

Sophie Leanne-bugs, feet, dislocating joints,

Steph- over sized items


Emily-sharks and crowded places,





Stephen-roller coasters, wild plants,

Jasmine-frogs,lolly pop sticks,

julie-dogs barking,



Matt-thunder and lightening

Amy-cotton wool,




Nick P-death,

Alavon Jane-trypophobia,







Family and friends-


Ian-wasps, phones,


Chantelle-going down escalators,

Ellie-wrists, needles,

Abbie-blood, needles,


Tina-mice, rats, birds,thunder and lightening,


Gemma-heights, moths, butterflys, open spaces,



Tutorial with Tom 9th Feb.

“We discussed your ideas of the representation of people’s phobias and how to show this in your final exhibition. How do you display the notion of someone’s personal fears effectively?

Maybe you could include artefact as well? Look at the below artists for ideas.
Also Teresa Margolles, her work represents the dark side of the human condition, and the association of object and happening.”

He seemed quite interested in my project as I explained I wanted to re-create peoples phobias and that I made a survey of people I came into contact with. Most I could not re-create as they were either impossible or very dangerous. The most interesting and unusual was the fear of fruit, in the sense of eating or seeing one.

The most common phobias was Claustrophobia and spiders, this was something to consider as I already explored a abandon tunnel which was extremely dangerous. Looking back I would not explore it again as it was very dangerous, but it was interesting when people watched the video as many felt uncomfortable when I questioned why it was more of the fact they imagined their selves in my position. I think this is where it progressed as I struggled with the supernatural and to continue with it, though a few years ago I considered re- creating peoples phobias.

So far my project is still in the thinking stage as I have to book and plan these events, I plan to give blood sometime in the future as I was talking to my classmate Wen and her project explores her own personal experience of receiving over 145 blood transfusions and she mentioned the Welsh blood service visits places such as schools and that they were coming to our university.

Tom mentioned some interesting artists which I will investigate.

10 Feb Booking to donate blood,

4th Feb

Hi Jamie,

Firstly, THANK YOU for booking an appointment to give blood!

We are happy to help but you won’t be able to film as it is a clinical area and the session will be busy. Our priority is to ensure donors are safe and comfortable and we are able to collect adequate blood donations.

Would you be able to give me a call? I think it might be easier to discuss over the phone.

Thanks Jamie, appreciate your support,

Kind regards,


I was lucky enough to get a response but I was quite disappointed I could not film the process of donating blood, though once I rang her she was very friendly and quite interested in my project. I spoke about Wen and how she told me about Welsh Blood Service and that her project involved her receiving over 145 blood transfusions and she was going to come with me. I explained further I was looking into phobias for my project and I wanted people to see and learn about donating blood, as most people fear the unknown and the process. Tracey said taking images was fine if that was ok with me, I thanked her and said how much I appreciated this.

I booked it for Thursday the 19th of Feb at 12.30pm she said all the staff have been made aware I will be coming down to take photos and she will be there personally to meet me and Wen.

Martin Creed is a English born artist who won the Turner prize in 2001 for his Work No. 227: The lights going on and off. This piece was of a installation of a empty room that consisted of a lights going off every 5 seconds.

Here’s the first clip of Martin Creeds video “Being Sick” it was quite revolting in various ways the idea of someone forcefully trying to make their selves be sick is dangerous in a medical way as we think of the acid in the stomach and suggestions of anorexia. Jump Cut- a page with still shots of his film of participants being sick. I mentioned to Tom that I considered doing a sick film as I myself used to have a phobia of being sick, the need to be sick and the thought of the body rejecting something to clean out the system. Once I was sick when I was younger I got over it, considering it a natural body reaction to dispose and reject a threat in my case it was a ice cream that must have gone bad. Thus could have happened from re freezing melted ice cream which would have given chance for micro organisms to multiply.

Martin Creed

Martin Creed

One Participant

One Participant

Number 10

Number 10

Image 2

Image 2

Image 3

Image 3

Image 5

Image 5

Image 735

Its interesting to consider being sick as it is a phobia, but I am afraid of having way too much information and losing the context. I shall have to play around with how I will present my work.

Artist Context, Teresa Margolles Feb 12th.

As I explained to Tom I was worried how to present my work, he suggested to look at this artist. Her work is quite interesting and I think I have seen it previously. Studying the morbid and grotesque has always been a fascination of mine and Teresa made several morbid pieces.

Born in Culican in 1963 in Mexico she exhibits globally and exhibited at the Venice Biennale in 2009, I have visited the Biennale twice now and enjoyed my time there and experience. One of her works was at Arts Mundi 5 Exhibition, here she had water droplets falling onto hotplates which sizzled which I am convinced I saw it exhibited a few years back.

The work consist of Plancha water, which has been used to cleanse dead bodies in a Mexican morgue, drips from the ceiling onto hotplates. It was to represent the respect of decomposing bodies from life to death, which most of her work focuses on.

It’s interesting how she presents her work which is something I will have to consider greatly in my work and particular shots etc



Tutorial with Davida, 12th Feb,

My tutorial went really well with Davida I was quite shocked as she seemed to be interested in my project and how it progressed. I found out her phobia was maggots, which was interesting as it involved her baby sitting as a teenager and the house was apparently covered in maggots. I found everyone’s phobias was linked to some sort of negative experience as a child, much like my phobia of Vertigo which is looking down from heights I remembered three instances and one involved being stuck in my attic as I couldn’t face getting down and stepping on a wobbly ladder.

Davida mentioned I’m putting myself in a series of real life situations – overcoming other people’s fears for them. This is true I plan to donate blood, interact with animals such as snakes, rats and spiders as I have found most people fears involve animals. I am quite nervous, though I’m very excited to explore putting myself in dangerous and daring situations.

Davida gave me a list of artists to look at which I have started examining, some I knew already like Marina Abramovic who focuses her body and mind into her work which demonstrates the emotional and psychical aspects of her work which has been in the past dangerous and draining to her health.

I also had a list of books to look at, which I have taken several out to examine.

Artist Research 13 Feb-

Marina Abramovich, November 30, 1946 in Belgrade in Spain. I have always felt like I had a strong connection to Marina, she pushed her limits in her work from her body to her mind. My favorite piece I have always admired was Rhythm 0 this was performed in 1974 where there was a sign directing people they could use any item on the table in front of them. They could use these objects on her. She was to stay motionless in this ordeal and allowed people to abuse her mentally and psychically.

She quoted “What I learned was that… if you leave it up to the audience, they can kill you.” … “I felt really violated: they cut up my clothes, stuck rose thorns in my stomach, one person aimed the gun at my head, and another took it away. It created an aggressive atmosphere. After exactly 6 hours, as planned, I stood up and started walking toward the audience. Everyone ran away, to escape an actual confrontation.”

Looking at images it appeared to be a more male dominated atmosphere, as she sat in a room for six hours. This to me is the borderline of the extreme she pushed herself to be abused as she was passive to their actions, she could have been severely hurt or worse they could have killed her.

Marina Abramovich

Marina Abramovich

Marina 2

Marina 2

72 items

72 items

Much like Marina I plan to push myself mentally by re-creating peoples phobias. I have narrowed it down to a handful to consider and the second one I will act out will be donating blood. Many people have asked me why I want to examine this as a project, I began with the Supernatural and paranormal and I did not know how I could have continued in the sense of presenting it. It led me to a abandon tunnel in Greyfair which I began questioning why did people find it so frightening to watch, especially people with claustrophobia? I then realised it was because they imagined and pictured their selves in my position carrying the act out.

This led me to question people and their phobias to see what people feared. I feel this direction in my project is the way to go and I would not change the outcome any other way.

Valie Export, Performance Artist.

Her webiste-

Much like Abramovich Export pushed her body to the extreme, here in Eros made in 1971 she rolls around on broken glass which could have been a euphemism at Glen Millers book “Broken Glass,” a book regarding the war from the Jews to the Nazis and the beginning of prosecution against the Jewish community. As she is a Austrian Artist many Austrians attitudes towards women were still believed to be based on Nazi ideology.



Abramovich also explored Exports work, as they are friends and both great admiration for one another. In Action Pants: Genital Panic. 1969 Export explored women from a feminist perspective, which explored wearing crotchless pants and physically approaching people to view her genitalia.


It was very daring at the time and a taboo. She challenged the audience members to engage with a real woman instead of the women on the screens.

This was more physically engaging than mentally, which is something to consider for my work.

Marina Abramovich

Marina Abramovich

Further Artist Research Feb 14-

Hayley Newman,

Is a well known tutor and performance artist. Her book called Performancemania was quite a interesting read regarding her works, one that caught my attention was her visiting the dentist to have her mouth anaesthetised so she slurred her words as she gave lectures to students, which appears to be more of a social experiment in many ways. Regarding my project of phobias many people actually fear the dentist including my father which is in regards to his awful teeth and he associates it with getting a filling.


download (2)

16th Feb Susan Adams crit talk

I decided to sit in on Susan Adams talk which was quite interesting in understanding her work as I never fully appreciated it I don’t think. My work does link and I can relate to her work from a narrative aspect she explores elements of the real world to the imagination from her website she quotes, “Current research exploring the dialogue between different physical levels within an art work, in particular above, at and below ground level. This exploration operates within a sociological, geographical an psychological framework. The tree flickers with man-made structures, both stretching roots that blindly reach into a different level.”

Much of her work explores these aspects of different layers in the world and possibly a connection to people their selves in the layers of skin to muscle etc.

IMG_0240 3


“I am interested in exploring the relationship between fantasy and the real and the locations in which these two worlds collide. I am drawn to effigies of the living, uncanny, half-alive objects such as puppets, automata, figures that were made with a specific purpose in mind such as to embody religious beliefs. Being in the presence of something borderline raises questions as to the nature and perception of reality and the nearness of death or absence of reality and possible insanity. Another strand in the work is an attentive watchfulness for meaning, a hermit-like craving for signs. I have long been fascinated by the texts of riddles or questions that have no answers. In recent work the locations in which the organic and the mechanical find an uneasy relationship has been satellite dishes and telecommunications masts. They seem alert to the giving and receiving of information in the air, looking for meaning that has gone astray.”

The above image explores the connection between reality and mental challenges with whats real and whats not, such as the taboo of hearing voices etc.

It was quite inspirational of a talk as I feel I understand her work more now.

Group Tutorial Feb 17th,

My group tutorial was quite interesting is was tiring as we got through the day, but it was helpful to see other peoples work to suggest areas they could consider taking it further such as one class mates work explored the use of print and I suggested maybe a way to allow people to interact with it and feel the texture as it seemed so inviting.

Another student explored the idea of collage in her work and people interacted with both parts which told a story, it was fun to play with a hand held book. But I felt the two pieces of work felt too separate rather than combining to a greater body of work. I do think though something you can interact with it really playful and fun.

My work at this point is all theory so it was difficult to show anything as I plan to donate blood on the 19th of Feb, they liked the concept though about the idea of risk and phobia. I’m quite nervous about donating blood but I think I will feel quite proud after it.

London Trip 18th Feb, Artist Context

I decided to visit London on a uni trip with my friend Ruth. We first explored the Royal Academy which had the artists such as Ruben, Jenny Saville and Francis Bacon etc.

I did not particularly enjoy the Ruben exhibit as I found it a little boring compared to the more contemporary section.

Jenny Savilles work was quite interesting it was based on a myth called Philomela which is from Greek Mythology expresses a sister in law being severly raped by her brother in law for over a year and he cuts out her tongue so she cannot tell a soul. She manages to weave a tapestry to send to her sister. Her sister is then mortified by the context and plans to take revenge on her husband, she then kills their son and feeds him in a meal to her husband.

Jenny Saville

Jenny Saville

The work is quite distorted in a expressionistic way, we can see some detail though most is quite dark and grotesque and she mainly used tones of black and whites here than colour. We can make out the child’s head in the bottom right hand corner and what we can assume is the rape taking place centrally but its too distorted to make out apart from some nude figures.

Another piece that caught my eye was Francis Bacons of sleeping figure produced in 1959, this exhibit strongly concentrated on the nude form mainly of female orientated forms which is quite different to see a male one here.

Francis Bacon

Francis Bacon

Francis Bacon was born on 28th Oct in 1909 and died at the age of 82 on April the 22nd 1992. His work mainly consisted of grotesque figures and portraits of distorted men in the nude etc. His work had many themes but the main few were sexuality and death, he had severe depression and often destroyed his work.


I find much of my work does explore the grotesque and macabre I think I just find life and death such a interesting topic, I love investigating in my projects in the sense of historical facts and local history.

We then visited the Saatchi Gallery which had some macabre works regarding life and death and phobias in many ways as its one of the greatest fears known to human kind.

Here was a very creepy piece, when I first examined it I realised it was human hair once I understood what it was I was in complete awe. It was a installation piece and every strand of hair made a flag representing a country.






I was memorized by this work and I spent quite a while finding flags I recognized.


Going further into the gallery I came across a room that was dedicated to sex, the nude and pornography from a video depicting the visual and sound of sex by the artist banging his hands together the viewer cannot help but relate the sound to sex from the flesh.

Here I thought it was in good humor,as studying closer its a fact that these skeleton are just another perspective and form, of human having sex.


Me at the gallery

Me at the gallery

I was drawn to this piece, I think it was because I felt as ease and comforted by the imagery world that allowed my mind to run away with imagination.






These pieces were very morbid once I started examining them closely I realised they were photographs of real dead bodies. I was not sure how to react, as I have always had a interest of the themes of death. Seeing the first image of the withered skin of his cheek bones and curling feet was unnerving, as its something we are not exposed to. The second body of the woman linked to me with cancer, due to her absence of hair and the medical circles on her skin upon her chest.

Her hands also appear to be bloated and beginning to turn purple as we see scabs on her head, it was quite upsetting to see as professions in Medical areas and the services would be exposed to the natural everyday events.

Francis Bacon

Francis Bacon

Francis Bacon 2

Francis Bacon 2

I saw some more Francis Bacon, which I really admired it linked perfectly to my work. Exploring the idea of something that could be considered hideous though beautiful, this is something I want to explore in my own work as his work here is very dark in the sense of his use of colour and subject as the face is distorted, but we can respect it and the pain he must have felt.

We then continued our exploring by visiting the Tate Modern, I found it quite hectic being half term week as there were more visitors than usual which was frustrating.

Tate Modern

Tate Modern

Studying this piece had many features of various things, from exploring the abuse of women linking to domestic housework and life and focuses of the theme of identity.



After this we decided to visit the Tate Britain, I did not have the chance to fully explore the complex but I did manage to jot down some helpful artists to look at.

Louise Bourgeois

Some were quite inspirational such as Louise Bourgeois the 25th December 1911 and died the 31st May in 2010.

Her works explored mainly spider sculptures, “Maman” is referred to a famous piece the Tate Modern commissioned her to produced which was related to fear and her mothers illness.

Spider 1

Spider 1

Spider 2

Spider 2

These drawings of spiders look terrifying in many aspects as she really emphasises the legs to express their creepy nature. I hope to capture some horror elements in my work from a first and third person perspective, as it will really portray the fear I want to capture.



Spiders are in fact the most common phobia I found for animals in my questionnaire. I think it’s due to the fast movement of their many legs and shape etc. It will be interesting to put myself in that position of acting out a phobia.

Another piece I saw was the Francis Bacons The Three studies at the base of the Crucifixion produced in 1944 painted in oils. It was supposed to have themes of religion, but Bacon suggested later on it linked to the Eumenides – the vengeful furies of Greek myth. This links to my work in various ways as we see it as the grotesque but we appreciate the colours as well.


Lastly is another Bacon piece, here again captures the moment of a scream which I think links perfectly to peoples reactions in my work that I plan to study.

Donating Blood 19th Feb,

I was quite nervous on this day as I have never donated blood before, I did feel a little over whelmed as I entered the room in university as all the staff knew I was arriving but it was a pleasure meeting Tracy who was very supportive. My friend Wen came with me for support and if it was not for her I would have probably not had the courage to donate blood I think.

It made me truly appreciate the cause I was helping, as if it was not for the people who donated blood she would not be here today. She recommend Welsh blood service and I found out they need about 400 donations a day and our university had over 70 donations that very day.

Once arriving I was greeted with a warm welcome, a glass of water and a form to fill in. I would suggest drinking plenty of water before hand and eating some food which I did. I then began to fill out my form, the questions were straight forward from your address etc to your height and weight and I will add you must be over 7st to donate blood. If you are not sure if you are eligible to donate blood their website was very helpful, though please get in touch with them if you are still unsure. Welsh Blood Service,

After I filled out my form I was led to a little area behind a curtain to talk with the nurse to go over my form. She then said she will have to measure my iron, if I failed the test sadly I would not be eligible to donate blood. So make sure to eat plenty of SPINACH all!

There’s various instruments they use and mine was way smaller than this one, I did not feel a thing and it lasts literally one second. The lovely nurse then used a small tube to collect the droplet of blood and dropped it into a glass of water. If it did not reach the bottom in less than 15 seconds it could be a chance I was borderline anemic, I passed in less than 10!


Droplet  Of Blood

Droplet Of Blood


After this I sat and waited for my turn until a bed was free. Once I was called I lay on the bed next to another student who was very friendly and the staff were explaining what was happening next.

I was giving a small bandage to hold which I had to roll around in my hand to relax myself and to help the vein. A pressure armband was added as well, I was a little nervous as this point but the needle I literally felt it for two seconds and after that nothing.

Jamie Jones, Wen Stone

Jamie Jones, Wen Stone

©Jamie Jones, Wen Stone

©Jamie Jones, Wen Stone

This process can last anything from 5 minutes to 12+ there is a time limit though. There is also a little machine that balances the blood bag which rocks back and forth to help the blood flow. Alongside a little green light that measures and times the process which then beeps once the bag is filled.

©Jamie Jones, Wen Stone

©Jamie Jones, Wen Stone

Mine took about 12 minutes to complete and a little bit was collected in a side bag to be tested for various things, which were labelled in three separate test tubes

©Jamie Jones, Wen Stone

©Jamie Jones, Wen Stone

This is one of my favorite photos, as it seems to be quite content like. The colour in the background really emphaises the dark red in the tube

©Jamie Jones, Wen Stone

©Jamie Jones, Wen Stone

After this process was complete I was asked to lay down for two minutes just in case I felt faint, which I did not as I drank plenty of water and ate before I arrived.

The nurse then bandaged my arm as he removed the needle again I did not feel any of this.

© Jamie Jones, Wen Stone

© Jamie Jones, Wen Stone

©Jamie Jones, Wen Stone

©Jamie Jones, Wen Stone

©Jamie Jones, Wen Stone

©Jamie Jones, Wen Stone

©Jamie Jones, Wen Stone

©Jamie Jones, Wen Stone

I then was guided to have either a cup of tea, water and some chocolate. It was nice talking to other donaters there and I was surprised how many times they donated. We talked about Wen’s project and that she had over 145 blood transfusions and I expressed if it was not for people like them she would not be here today. Many people are put off donating blood for various reasons but for ten minutes of your time it could save a life.

I felt quite proud after this as Tracy and the staff told me about some patients they have encountered and one being a two year old boy who was very poorly. Many people think of just the donation part, but its rare when you get to meet a person and understand the difference you made, I would gladly do it again as you can donate every 16 weeks after your session.

Me with the staff including Tracy Sampson.

Me with the staff including Tracy Sampson.

Me and Wen were even mentioned on the Welsh Blood Service on Facebook, “Happy Friday to all our donors! This is lovely Ceinwen with first time donor Jamie at Cardif Met. Ceinwen has received 143 units of blood! Thanks to donors she is happy, studying and enjoying her life – FEEL PROUD!”

Animal Phobia 22nd Feb,

I managed to organise a meeting with my sisters friend called Lauren Mcubbin who was also a Fine Art student several years ago based in Howard gardens. She now goes around schools to teach children about wild beasts and animals from tarantulas, to stick insects and rats etc she had a variety of animals and it was fascinating learning about them.

I was not sure what she owned and I was in awe when she began showing me and my sister. We began with her Chile Tarantula, this was about a hand size pink fur like spider. It was quite beautiful in many respects and I was very nervous to interact with this spider and I was quite excited and slightly terrified to touch it.

I found the main phobias on my lost were spiders, rats and snakes followed closely with moths.

©Jamie Jones

©Jamie Jones

We placed her on a glass table and soon afterwards Lauren tried to feed her a live cricket, it was fascinating to watch but to our dismay she did not move for five minutes until she suddenly took a interest in the cricket and devoured it, it was amazing to watch as its something I had never witnessed before. She would use her venom in her fangs to paralyze it before sucking out all of the insides leaving only the shell.

©Jamie Jones

©Jamie Jones

I captured all the footage beautifully while she ate the cricket which I plan to edit slowly and upload onto Youtube.


After watching her be still for over two hours I felt confident to hold her, theres parts in the video where she actually spins a web under herself.

Secondly I held a corn snake which measured out to about five foot, she was very calm and beautiful in colour and texture.


Lastly was the one animal I felt a little surprised at, I was introduced to a naked rat which I did consider was a naked mole rat. This was not the case as it was a rat with no fur which felt like wrinkly skin.

I grew quite attached to him once I got used to the feeling of him sitting on my shoulder and on my neck, he was quite large as well as his tail fell half way down my back.

Some people I have shown my footage of struggle to even get through several seconds as he is quite large in size but hes quite unique and not the stereotypical rat we see everyday. I have some wonderful footage of him eating popcorn on my shoulder and him nodding asleep, its quite cute in many aspects and I did grow fond of him.




My next task is to edit my footage as I have so much I will have to think carefully about certain angles and what I want to portray to the audience. I would like to thank Lauren again for helping with my project I cannot wait to share it with people and study their reactions.

Workshop with Tom 2D 27th Feb,

I was looking forward to this 2D workshop run by Tom, it’s something I think would be beneficial and it was. We began by painting a small woodblock white and using a small roller to paint over some pva glue. We then waited until that dried before adding some paper onto the surface and cutting that out with a craft knife. It was a very useful technique as it looked professional to hang up and it was very neat.




We also had to discuss as a group where we thought pieces would look best together on a wall, so it was considering patterns, colours and sizes.

I wish we were shown or taught some of these hanging methods in first year as it would have helped me greatly and more on a professional scale.

We were shown, bull dog clips, magnets and basic pins.




I plan to use one of these techniques for my degree show, it was most helpful but I think it would have been quite beneficial as it is basic stuff to have been shown in first year.

Assessment 2nd March,

I did not know quite what to expect in my tutorial and I found out we gave ideas like the usual standard ones, but this time we all suggested what we thought on the persons concepts and their ideas on the matter. For example one girl in my group was already thinking about her degree show at this stage. We suggested maybe for her work to have a little table so people could interact with her work as like mine, I needed a way of inviting people to interact with my work without a hideous obvious sign on display.

I read out my a paragraph from my artist statement which was “I think I want to help people overcome some element of their phobia as they can imagine their selves experiencing the tasks. Several people who have watched my videos said they were first horrified but for example with the tarantulas, they could slowly respect the beauty and horror of it.”

I then showed my work at this stage of what I did so far as I had dramatically at this point donated blood and worked with a tarantula, rat and snake. My classmates suggested maybe working from senses that was not just from sight, but to build up the suspense would be more effective. I do think the film footage is important but I will have to really consider and test out what works well and what does not work.

I plan to study balloons for my next project and recording the sound. I think I done really well with the first part of this assessment I’m happy with my classmates opinions on my work and its nice to be more enthusiastic about my work again, its actually more fun as I found my project from the Supernatural and Paranormal did not work as effectively as I hoped.

Martin Creed/ Balloon Art – March 4th,

I began looking at artists and video relating to sound and visual elements that linked with balloons. I have had several people express their phobia of balloons, which was the fear of it popping and the sound it made.

Martin Creed exhibited a interesting piece in his exhibit “whats the point of it?” Called work 200, this consisted of a room full of balloons were people had to physically walk through and interact with. This played on the fear factor of claustrophobia and the idea of getting lost or trapped in the area, it had themes of child-likeness and playfulness though on the other hand the balloons could have popped causing a shocked reaction, but the idea of being trapped was more frightening at they over hung above the audience.

For my work I really need to build up anticipation with the use of sound, as unlike Creed my project needs to concentrate on sound rather than a visual element as it would not have the same effect.

Martin Creed

Martin Creed

He also done several versions of this piece which started back in 1998, another piece concentrated on multiple rooms containing balloons of the same colours.

2012 exhibit

2012 exhibit



Looking further away from a visual element and into a audio sound theme I came across several videos on youtube regarding a laser to create sound by popping balloons. This is something I contemplated as singularly popping balloons I do not think would be as effective as multiple so I would either have to record people popping it with myself or make devices to pop multiple balloons.

Red balloon popping

Red balloon popping

This video consists of the world record holder of popping 100 balloons with a laser Krypton (750mW – 1000mW) laser. It actually sounds like gunfire rather than balloons popping, as different speeds and the time it takes for each balloon to pop the slower it goes the balloon makes a almost twang sound than a pop.

It’s one way to pop a balloon, many others consist of sitting on it, stabbing it with a sharp device etc.

Black balloon

Black balloon



Workshop 6th March,

We began a workshop by Tom giving a presentation on some artist history and context, this was quite helpful in the use of artists and space regarding objects and the use of film.

Rachael Whiteread was a interesting artist whose work I have examined before born in 1963 in England she became the first woman to win the Turner Prize in 1993. A famous piece that was exhibited in 2005 in London’s Tate Modern called Embankment consisted of her displaying thousands of boxes that was stacked upon one another as a interactive piece people had to explore for their selves. I actually remember my sister telling me about the same piece she visited. Something so simple for a idea worked beautifully here as a repetition piece, it was almost a maze to explore which started from her finding a old tatty box full of memories from her mother house who recently died.



This really made me question how to invite someone into your space, this is something I will have to constantly question in my work. Without signs etc how do you get someone to play and interact with your work, here Whiteread allows the audience to explore between the boxes in the maze.

The second artist used something more messy to play and interact with, which involved a cannon.

Anish Kapoor is a Indian sculptor born in 1954 he explores many interactive piece though one of my favorites is of his wax cannon. A member of staff of the gallery would load the cannon full of red wax and fire it through a archway in the gallery that hit a wall. It then collected mass amounts of wax that created a painting almost against a white blank canvas.


This is a fun piece that could relate to war but childhood and playing with figures etc. The colour being of red we do relate it to blood in various ways. The crisp vibrant colour the audience feels the need to touch and interact with it, personally it does resemble blood and guts in many ways with the texture, we can almost imagine how it feels and question is it warm from being fired from the cannon. You almost want to fire the cannon yourself to create the mess, its also the mess factor and sound of the cannon and wax colliding with the wall.

Another interesting artist who lives in Germany called Karina Smigla-Bobinski displayed a interactive piece that contained a helium balloon covered in charcoal pieces that you could direct and move against the paper in the room, this then made a mark on the wall.


This piece links greatly with my own practice as I want to explore the use of balloons and how it was presented, as unlike here I will be concentrating on sound rather than any visual element.


Tutorial Context Monday 9th,

My tutorial went ok, I know I need to add more artists who specifically look at installation in the sense of presenting their work and more sound artists. I demonstrated some I already looked at such as Rachael Whiteread and Karina Smigla-Bobinski but specifically I need more artists who’s work people can see strong connections.

More Artist context March 10th,

Sound Art-

I began looking at more artists who link with my balloon art or the idea of presenting the use of sound.

Steve Reich a well known American composer born on October in 1936 created a piece in the 1960’s called Pendulum, it was not recorded but the ‘Avant Garde Group,’ re-created the same version and recorded this. -this can be viewed on this link.

Another version that Joan Cerveró, Víctor Trescolí, Isabel León,Estefanía Sánchez participated in uploaded by Philippe Langlois. ‘The recording of this piece was held on October 18th 2012, was held at the center warrior jose granda.

The piece consists of people swinging a microphone that would swing back and forth picking up the audio sound of the vibrating speakers, its a unusual sound but watching the rhythm of motion is quite calming and soothing. It’s creating a slow harmonic rhythm that compliment one another that slowly came to a stop.

Laurie Anderson

A well known sound artist who performed at the MoMa born June the 5th 1947 a famous piece by her which reached the 2nd in the Uk chart was called ‘O Superman,’ a piece with electronic qualities to it with her speaking and singing in parts produced in 1981. It involves a narrative piece from phone calls to her mentioning superman. It has many visual elements to it from her with a light bulb in her mouth to using light to project her body and from in her work.

The Bashet Brothers-

François Baschet was born on 30th March 1920 and died in 2014 Feb 11th, Bernard Baschet born the 24th August 1917 their work does not directly corresponds to my own, though as a sound piece piece of art explores the use of instrumental sound produced from a crystal organ. The music is very soothing and beautiful in the terms to relax, he demonstrates his use of piano skills in various speeds.


maxresdefault (1)

There are water droplets on the crystal which I think emphasis’s the sound, many musicians have played it.

A artist that really links with my sound piece of balloon themes is a artist named Judy Dunaway born in Mississippi in 1964 bases her work mainly with sound in performance.

Her most known work is the use of latex balloons, she would rub them to create high pitched sounds. I find people with a balloon phobia find this more frightening than a balloon popping sound as its the anticipation of the balloon popping.

Here it looks like shes using sexual vibrating instruments to create the vibrating sequence on the balloons.

Judy Dunaway

Judy Dunaway



This piece lasts over 5 minutes and 20 seconds. It almost plays a violin musical effect with the motion of her moving back and forth over it which leads to constant construction work like the sound of a drill. Sound wise I need to explore a place that with echo accordingly as something like my bedroom does not have the acoustics to carry it out.

Bill Fontana-born in Ohio on April 25th 1947 explored various sounds and his most known was a piece that was displayed at the Tate Modern in 2006. He recorded the vibrations of sound of people moving on the metal bridge that crosses the river nearby.

These are considered as sound sculptures.


tate slide

Another interesting artist is Terry Fox (1943 – October 14, 2008)he also exhibited at the Venice Biennale in 1984 he was a artist who combined multiple sounds in his work. A lovely calming piece is the soothing sound of cats purring in The Labyrinth scored for the purrs of 11 different cats,. I’m finding myself listening very carefully to the different breaths and vibrations of the purrs though there is also muttering in the background of a voice which was intriguing as I found myself concentrating what was being said. I think I am drawn to this piece was of the idea of how a sound can effect your mood and reaction, such as the soothing lullaby of a cat reflecting its happy mood and emotions.


Cat video-

One artists that really caught my attention was Christina Kubisch a German composer and performance artist, born January 21st in 1948. Her work usually explores sound installation and a famous one a electronic magnetic field within headphones, wearing them when approaching electricity would produce noise such on withdrawal cash machines, lights in shops etc.

I particularly like the idea of it being very interactive, its suggesting to wear the headphones and leaving them to their own accord to participate. Its more to link with curiosity here to explore with using the sense of sound as they walk various places in shops interacting in the community. -her video





Watching the video of the participants taking part and exploring the city on of their own accord, you can see the enjoyment and curiosity its allowing them to be within their own bubble in many ways by shutting off the world and following the sound.

It’s a care free simple way to allow to participate in art its something that’s on a day to day biases, I shall take this into consideration for my balloon piece.

A artists I saw a few years ago in the 2011 Venice Biennale was Christian Marclay his is more of a visual factor but his piece that I watched for awhile consisted of a real time 24 hr video that had a scene from a film that contained a clock somewhere in the shot, it was captivating that it seemed to contain one long film that somehow flowed. He won the Golden Lion award for this piece, the room was actually had sofas like a cinema for people to sit in comfort, but the room was freezing which I assumed it was designed for people to leave and not get too comfy to sit there all day.




This is more of a visual element but I came across his telephone piece which regarded all sound and I realised the connection between the two pieces as the style was very similar.

It’s more of a sense of surprise I like about the Telephone piece its a startling reaction which is what I want in my work,

Most have been used from many films we know such as James Bond as shown here, but every shot contains a phone ringing, some show the expressions of them jumping and others of a cool manner. This is something to take into consideration for my own work, as yes its a sound installation piece but its also a performance in many ways as the audience gets to participate in it. I am hoping the balloons piece will most likely cause a reaction of shock, but with two people are more inclined to take part and laugh at each others reactions which I think would be quite fun.


Balloon Recording March 14th,

I managed to book out the same room for my recording in the A.V studio. I blew up about 50+ balloons and carried them with a friend in black bags. I decided to have a 5 second wait on the first recording then a 15 on the second. We used two pens to burst them which did effect my version as some were bouncing off, so I should have found something sharper for this but I can always edit it out if need be.



I began blowing up the balloons which took roughly about two hours some actually popped causing a scare factor in the room as the acoustics echoed.





Me about to pop them.

Me about to pop them.

The remains

The remains

Both pieces lasted under 20 seconds each which was important, I have burned the discs to only demonstrate my work to the group. I plan to edit out some of the scuffle noises caused by me and my frustrated breaths as some of the balloons did not pop on a first attempt. The 15 second one works really well for suspense which was quite successful as people I have tried it on question is it on as they hear pure silence until it starts popping, which reaction portrays as a jump then embarrassed laughter.

It works much better as a sound piece than it would a film, as you do not what to expect if you could visually see me about to pop it you prepare yourself for the noise, this way it takes that factor and visual sense from you leaving a more surprised reaction.

I plan to present this on two CD players and two sets of headphones. I will have to make the popping a little louder as its too quiet in my opinion, but obviously not too loud.

March 16th Visual Goggles,

I borrowed a set of those 3d goggles to try out with my film and a DVD player. I borrowed a DVD from James to test it out, which was quite interesting it was fun to watch people get excited to try them as they are unusual but on a intimate level for my work it would be quite successful as its up close and personal as you cant detach yourself in third person viewing it.

The only issue they are very old and Neil only has one set. I plan to buy two of my own and to condense my videos into two films in a booth like atmosphere, with speakers either side to emphasis noise such as munching popcorn and wind blowing.

3d Goggles

3d Goggles

Another problem with these they do not hide the environment around you which is something I will have to take into consideration for my own work. To show my work for my assessment I shall use my tunnel video to portray how I visualize my final outcome and how I would present my work in the future.

Sigmund Freud research, March 27th.

I began to research more into Sigmund Freud. The concept of phobias is believed to be a defense mechanism against anxiety. His main case to back up his theory is solely based on a small boy called little Hans in 1909, his phobia was believed to be sexually motivated of a phobia of horses linking and projected to be his father, as he suffered with Oedipal complex(sexual desire of his mother) Personally reading the case I do think he was traumatically scared by the accident he witnessed as a child of a horse and cart.

(case study is unique to the individual, and therefore cannot be generalized to the whole population.) As stated it could be the thought and connection of the horses last moments of the loud noise of his hooves and associated the noise with this event.

Looking at my own phobia relating to my childhood there are two cases of Vertigo and vulnerability. I was stuck on top of a escalator in a shop separated from my mother and a old man kindly held my hand to help me down. The second I was swimming and decided to jump off the 2nd diving board I was terrified and was most likely frozen/paralyses on the edge of the board for 30 minutes, anytime I climb something high or even stand on a chair I think of this moment, which freezes me.

There is also theories of behavioral phobia concepts such as my mother, she also fears heights/vertigo. For example if a child witnesses a parent responding to their fear and then rewarded with attention to be comforted etc, the child may copy and respond the same to be rewarded with affection.


To me Sigmund Freud is the Key figure in psychology itself. Yes some of his theories are outdated and quite sexist in many aspects but interesting never the less.

He created ‘psychoanalysis, a clinical method for treating psychopathology through dialogue between a patient and a psychoanalyst.’

He practiced a term called Free association which allowed patients to speak for their selves and not repeating after a Dr. Alongside a term called Transference which is a repressed amount of emotions towards a individual which most commonly occurred from childhood. This could be for example a serial killer putting their thoughts and hate towards a stranger who represents their real key hatred, like a mother figure or father etc.

My work so far has several important themes such as interaction. This plays a major part in my work as people will have to interact with my video either by sitting down to watch the video or listening to the balloon sounds. A interesting piece I saw in Cardiff museum was a interaction sound piece where you had to vinyl players to put records on to echo and overlap over one another. The records were all Jazz themed and it was quite fun to play around with. I enjoy art you can play and interact with its how we learn and develop throughout life.




I have recently got back into drawing as I have struggled this past year to get back into my practice and to enjoy it. A few months ago I was ready to change my career but recently I have started enjoying it again and began drawing portraits and doing a couple of commissions.

I mainly make my money off pet commissions which are dogs and birds.

zulua fial


April the 10th -Artists who link with my work.

Looking back into my work I’m finding it difficult to find artists that link to my work, my work as I said interacts with my audience but from a fear persepctive as a theme I have been looking at artists who paint rather than use film.

True inspirations have been Jean Michel Basquiat and Edvard Munch.

Jean Michel Basquiat has always been a inspiration to me ever since I discovered his work when I was studying A levels. Born December 22, 1960 – August 12, 1988 he studied various themes in his work. Painting in the grotesque style including writing and a graffiti abstract expressionism style there’s something quite likable about his work.

1982 Untitled [Angel] (1)




His work is visually pleasing in a sense of its grotesque but beautiful in other ways, which I think links a lot with my own work. My actual film work is visually grotesque like the spider and rat.

rat piece FINAL

spider FINAL

Both are ugly in one respect to view as its considered grotesque but theres something soothing and pleasing about them such as the colours and the pose. The idea of mother nature at its finest of the spider eating a insect and us the viewers watching its lasts moments is quite intimate and personal, the same with the rat, it has a comic feel to it as it is unattractive but the idea of it eating popcorn makes it almost comical in a way.

Basquait themes of death and grotesque ideals are used from dark colours highlighted with vibrant block colours this is something to take into consideration in the future into my own practice as I have spent a lot of time using black and white tones.

The dog image of Basquait’s above does link in with phobias, I have found the main theme of phobias people have are linked with animals. I am actually petrified of big dogs especially boxer ones, as when I was a child one jumped and pinned me to the floor even today I;m still weary around large sized ones. This does link back into the theory a phobia is first created somewhere during the persons childhood.

Edvard Munch 12 December 1863 – 23 January 1944

Another artist who links with my work is Edvard Munch. I always seem to visit the theme of death in my work, its almost a obsession as I’m just curious and I try to present this through the use of colour and expressive brushwork.


The Madonna is quite dark in colour and melancholy, he did suffer depression after his sister died and drew her on her death bed which is quite sad. It’s a part of life experience the sad things especially death, it’s inevitable and yet we think we are invincible. My project has really pushed me in facing my fears I’m not sure if this relates to a deeper understanding of my emotions of putting myself in situations I could get hurt but I seemed to get a buzz from it.

Linking at themes of darkness and despair the spider and snake can possibly link with evil aspects and horror like themes.

spider 1

spider 2

There is also a soft glow on both films as well.

The colours of the soft orange light does remind me of “the Scream” by Munch.


Performance artist

I think my work is the grotesque I began thinking back to Cathys lecture regarding the grotesque and its effect and our perspective on a person. One piece of performance art that does that to me is a artists called Vito Acconci who created a piece of him masturbating under a made floor describing his fantasies to the people above on 15–29 January 1972 at Sonnabend Gallery in New York, this lasted exactly 8 hours a day. It makes you question the way how the individual would feel being exposed and violated, I do think my work does this to a certain extent it draws out that grotesque factor and people have to overcome it mentally and face it head on.

Video of seedbed.

It’s actually done quite tasteful in many respects like the video you cant really see the full detail of the physical motion, but you understand what is happening.


1972_Seedbed_04 copie

Comparing this to my videos both could be considered disgusting but both do hold natural qualities of human nature. One being sexual the other comforting and appreciative of animals.


(installation view at SFMOMA), 1974. I have been looking at various installation set ups and positioning my space will be tricky, I need something to draw people in. Here we can see in Acconcis work the tv is quite low down suggesting to the audience they need to sit on the floor to see it as it tilted.

My work you do need to interact with it. The chairs are inviting and suggest to sit down in them, the same with my headphones they will be placed on the wall for people to listen to which indicates to put them on to hear the sound.

Another artist would be Paul McCarthy,born August 4, 1945. Is another performance artist who uses various props such as tomato sauce, mustard and mayonnaise etc to imply blood, guts and seaman as he rubs it over himself. His work is very grotesque and difficult to watch which I think people react the same with my own work.

Sauce (1974)

His work explores a lot of fake abuse with sexual content. Much like seedbed both works are grotesque and its art you cant seem to stop staring at and your so engrossed into it.


Editing films,

I began editing my footage on Final Cut Pro in university. It was quite complex and I have only used it several times in my time there.


Over layering and fading in and out I managed to get the hang of, the only issue I had was the fact I used a memory stick to save my work on and I should have put it on the computer as it gave no ends of hassle after I thought I finished.

I was happy with my first video with the spider spinning a web and I cut down my tunnel video as it was too long and I cut out the majority of the talking in it.

My second video starts with the rat eating popcorn, I really wanted to emphasise the sound I heard of him eating popcorn when he was on my shoulder. It felt rather intimate and I wanted to re-create this effect, so I bought popcorn and watched when he stopped eating and recorded me eating it to imitate the sound. It was rather successful and a few people commented how accurate it sounded, which was a relief.


The sound quality in my recorder was amazing and I managed to edit out the click of the button and my breathing which was loud in parts.

I also could not do a skydive in the end for my own phobia as I could not get them to cooperate or get in touch with the head of the company. I did however borrow a university ladder to climb, as my phobia explores vertigo even standing on a chair I can become frozen and petrified.

I filmed myself climbing the creaking ladder twice and even watching it frightens me as I experience the encounter again over and over feeling how unstable it felt and my hand tightening against the side.





The sound of the ladder creaking is very effective in this video and I prefer it to the first video, as there is more variation in it of various footage, from animals to the ladder.

I found out this video was too large for the memory stick I saved it on and it would not render into a final format to burn onto a disc which was irritating. I had to redo the whole film again this time on the computer and to my dismay it would still not work, Neil believed it was do to one of my videos.

I had to quickly learn how to use a different programme on the Apple Macs and edit this again, before it finally saved and rendered it and I burned it onto a disc.

Installation Video Art

Looking more at artists and how they set up their work has inspired me greatly I have found it difficult to think how to prepare my space as I only set up my furniture on the Wednesday.

born 1961 in Istanbul in Turkey and exhibited at the Venice Biennale his work explores various set up installations regarding the use of space and tv monitors.




I like his work as you have to engage with it. The furniture gives off a relaxing feeling and homely welcoming environment. The footage is about homeless people interacting and telling stories about their lives from Turkey which can make the viewer feel uncomfortable being face to face with homeless.

This links a lot to my own work regarding the content, as my setting is also friendly in that respect, shielding what I am showing in the glasses etc. But its designed to give the impression its safe and non frightening.



A Change in Design And Ideas

Due to numerous reasons I could obtain a second set of glasses for my exhibit. I did not realize the glasses Neil gave me to use were so outdated and they were discontinued being of a Olympus make.

They only seemed to make these portable glasses in China and in no way would it arrive in time for starters which could be up to over a month to arrive, even then I could not try them out or test them to see if I was happy. Secondly They were portable meaning they had no wires attached and people could easily steal them which made me question insurance as they were very expensive.

Lastly as those glasses are old technology I already burned my information onto a disc that could loop over and over. These glasses only took a SD card which would be impossible to loop a film + they ran off a battery I would be lucky to run 3 hours worth of battery life which was disappointing!

Thankfully I could still use Neils set for degree show and I had to rethink my layout and use a monitor screen.

Neils only tv left had a massive scratch down the front which I did not want, but thankfully he has a spare computer monitor I can use. I will be experimenting with various layouts throughout the next few days.

A Change in Design And Ideas

Due to numerous reasons I could obtain a second set of glasses for my exhibit. I did not realize the glasses Neil gave me to use were so outdated and they were discontinued being of a Olympus make.

They only seemed to make these portable glasses in China and in no way would it arrive in time for starters which could be up to over a month to arrive, even then I could not try them out or test them to see if I was happy. Secondly They were portable meaning they had no wires attached and people could easily steal them which made me question insurance as they were very expensive.

Lastly as those glasses are old technology I already burned my information onto a disc that could loop over and over. These glasses only took a SD card which would be impossible to loop a film + they ran off a battery I would be lucky to run 3 hours worth of battery life which was disappointing!

Thankfully I could still use Neils set for degree show and I had to rethink my layout and use a monitor screen.

Neils only tv left had a massive scratch down the front which I did not want, but thankfully he has a spare computer monitor I can use. I will be experimenting with various layouts throughout the next few days.

Needing more in my space

Looking at my space I am not 100% happy with the location its hard to move around the area to see the tv and walk behind the chair.

I also think as my wall is so large I needed more props such as books or posters to give the impression its a therapy area almost as with the white and black it looked quite clinical and clean.

I will go and look in Blackwell in the morning to find these, I know my sister also had a head like statue of a person and words on the brain.

A Change Of Location

I saw David and he asked me how my project was going. I said the space I had was awkward to set my furniture in and it was extremely cramped and would have preferred a corner location. He motioned to follow him and led me to where I was originally been placed. Sadly I was quite stressed being a day before my final hand in and I had to paint parts of the wall and re clean the floor.

I then had to find a technician called Dennis to fit a extension cable from the ceiling into my space and then take out a tv for degree show.

I spent the day thinking how I was going to set up my work as I have two bookshelves, two chairs, a tv monitor and glasses connected to a dvd player.

Thankfully it’s big enough to walk around and watch the tv or for people to sit down to interact with my glasses or headphones.

I’m more happy with this location and it was where I originally wanted to be placed.

Reading my books, Sigmund Freud




I read this book and I was quite surprised how good it was. It was quotations from his practice regarding all themes that he examined in his career sch as sex, phobias, dreaming etc my favorite one is,

“Dread” requires a specific object of which we are afraid. ‘Fright,’ however, emphasizes the element of surprise; it describes the state that possesses us when we find ourselves plunged into danger without being prepared for it.

To me this links perfectly to my project. My project examined phobias in many ways but its about the experience and not the fear factor element.

I don’t want to purposely create scare factors, it’s about overcoming ones personal fear.

My work covers the element of surprise, the glasses hide the rat eating popcorn so you dont know what to expect. Several people have watched this and either are fascinated and cannot look away or they go into hysterical panic mode and put the glasses down.

It’s interesting to see who can face their fear and be curious to a individual who’s petrified. It works well with the face to face factor as it feels intimate and up close.

What is Hysteria?

‘In psychology, the term hysteria was once used to describe a medical condition thought to affect only women. Symptoms of the illness included partial paralysis, hallucinations and nervousness. The term is thought to originate from ancient Greek physician Hippocrates, who associated these symptoms with the movement of a woman’s uterus throughout different locations in the body.’

The term hysteria is from the Greek hystera, which means uterus. In Today world, psychology recognizes two different types of disorders that were historically known as hysteria: dissociative disorders and somatoform disorders. Dissociative disorders are psychological disorders that involve a dissociation or interruption in aspects of consciousness, including identity and memory. This refers to a coping mechanism and defense against severe trauma These types of disorders include dissociative fugue, dissociative identity disorder and dissociative amnesia.

Somatoform is a disorder where patients can suffer with depression and anxiety and can express physical aspects or mimic injury or pain.

I have thought long and hard to call my work Hysteria, it links greatly with psychology as my art studies the mind. You have to mentally challenge yourself and face your fears. I chose the most common as there was a greater chance of people being able to relate to it such as spiders, snakes, rats, heights, blood, claustrophobia etc.

Setting Up My Exhibit Space

Setting up my exhibit space was a relief it was good to see how much space I had to play with. There was enough space to walk around to view my tv as well as to listen to the headphones.



As we can see here I needed a extension lead that came down from the ceiling past the wall and hanging down.


I also tested out my tv and dvd player, thankfully a classmate did not need her tv anymore for her exhibit space so I took it out to use.

The quality of the screen was quite crisp and the sound was amazing, and being in studio 7 the room is quiet as all the projectors are on the other part of the building.

After I cleaned my space I started to place my chairs and bookshelves in the area.



I decided instead of standing on the sides here to listen to my balloon piece, the right hand side is louder in the CD itself so I thought it would be wise to sit. Also the tv people can stand and watch it, as I originally planned to allow people to sit and watch but I dont think its needed.



I decided to buy some books from Blackwell, which were actually really inspiring to read it made me question theory’s by Freud. The small statue and set up is to encourage and give the impression of a clinical setting installation. Everything is black and white even the frames as its so clean.

I will most likely sweep the floor tomorrow to just give it a once over.


The chair here is positioned to face the wall to try and not distract the viewer. The glasses are on a small stand to encourage people to wear them. There are also little black fabric like flaps over the sides as I did find it a little distracting when they were worn. They dont fully block it all out, but I think its safer for the viewer this way as they are still aware of their surroundings.

I also bought a brain poster to go onto the wall and it’s beginning to look like surgery.



I decided I wanted a Freud image, this was printed on canvas paper much like my gorilla print back at the art auction. It looks very realistic like it was painted, if I had more time I may have drawn one, though I think this looks quite effective and almost like a dedication or a doctors office.

There is also a small picture frame describing words relating to the theme of phobia such as anxiety etc.


The tv location has enough space for people to walk around and interact with the headphones and glasses which I’m much happier about.

Overall I am very pleased with my layout, it’s been a tiring journey and I felt I have done a great achievement, at Christmas time I came to a artists block of how I could take and push my work further. My supernatural project came to a standstill as I was not sure how I could present it, linking that with the the tunnel I came across by Simon Fenoulhet really turned my work around and ideas.

I would not change this any other way and I am very happy with my outcome and how its presented.


“Dread” requires a specific object of which we are afraid. ‘Fright,’ however, emphasizes the element of surprise; it describes the state that possesses us when we find ourselves plunged into danger without being prepared for it. Sigmund Freud

My work explores themes regarding peoples phobias. My goal is not necessarily to frighten people, it’s about facing that fear and encouraging others to overcome it. I recreated several phobias from data I collected from people and placed myself in specific situations in order to experience that individuals fear.

This was mentally and physically challenging as I experienced Claustrophobia in an abandoned, collapsed tunnel in Cardiff. I also donated blood, alongside interacting and handling animals such as rats, snakes and a tarantula, but also facing my own fear of Vertigo by climbing a ladder.

For me that was mentally challenging as it surfaced traumatic memories and experiences as a child. But I felt it was a achievement as I felt liberated to try and overcome my own phobia.

I found the tunnel to be physically challenging to explore and experience. It was very dangerous and extremely narrow. There was also severe risk of it collapsing a second time as it was very unstable. I had to crawl on my stomach to enter the tunnel and then again, where it previously collapsed.

Not only have I personally experienced these phobias but the viewer can also experience my struggle, mentally and physically throughout these ordeals.

Here are the 5 key points in my project that have helped me progress and push my practice forward.

Artist Statement,


“Dread” requires a specific object of which we are afraid. ‘Fright,’ however, emphasizes the element of surprise; it describes the state that possesses us when we find ourselves plunged into danger without being prepared for it. Sigmund Freud

My work explores themes regarding peoples phobias. My goal is not necessarily to frighten people, it’s about facing that fear and encouraging others to overcome it. I recreated several phobias from data I collected from people and placed myself in specific situations in order to experience that individuals fear.

This was mentally and physically challenging as I experienced Claustrophobia in an abandoned, collapsed tunnel in Cardiff. I also donated blood, alongside interacting and handling animals such as rats, snakes and a tarantula, but also facing my own fear of Vertigo by climbing a ladder.

For me that was mentally challenging as it surfaced traumatic memories and experiences as a child. But I felt it was a achievement as I felt liberated to try and overcome my own phobia.

I found the tunnel to be physically challenging to explore and experience. It was very dangerous and extremely narrow. There was also severe risk of it collapsing a second time as it was very unstable. I had to crawl on my stomach to enter the tunnel and then again, where it previously collapsed.

Not only have I personally experienced these phobias but the viewer can also experience my struggle, mentally and physically throughout these ordeals.

Summative Post-Documentation

This was the major break through in my work. Coming across this tunnel helped push my work further and question why I was originally interested in the supernatural. It was due to the scar factor and fascination why we feared it so much. I was eager to explore this tunnel, it was a major achievement and it made me question why was I so fascinated by it.

I think it was to overcome this fear of being trapped as I put myself in danger. But I found it liberating in a way after I successfully completed it made me question the possibility of re creating peoples phobias.

2.Donating Blood –

I have always wanted to donate blood and speaking to Wen in my class about her project of blood transfusions she suggested Welsh Blood may be interested in my project, I contacted them to see if I could film or maybe take images for my project.

It was a great achievement for me as I was terrified and even Wen came with me, which helped her project as she manged to take images for her own project as well as my own.

I overcame this fear and I would happily donate blood again as it could have saved someone else life.

It was a shame I could not film it as I that would have been very effective in my video of watching a needle, sadly I could not use it in my degree show but it was a major breakthrough.

3.Animal Phobias-

I had to mentally prepare myself to interact with these animals I dislike them but I would not say I had a phobia of them. I think these are the phobias most likely to make impact on people. The rat I think is the most effective as I imitated the sound of the popcorn of it eating as this was the only thing I could hear as I could not see it.

4.Visual Glasses –

This was the major break through in my project when I went to Neil’s projector workshop. I could not decide if I wanted to use a projector or possibly design something like ipads to look in. Even though I couldnot buy my own for numerous reasons, his one pair were quite successful in how I wanted to present my work.

5.Attempting To Overcome My Own Fear-

I found out of all the tasks I endured the most terrifying for me was climbing a ladder. I suffer with Vertigo and it was mentally challenging, as when I began to climb the ladder I instantly thought of the source of my phobia in my childhood. One being stuck in my attic, the second on top of a escalator and a kind gentleman helped me down and lastly I was frozen petrified at the edge of a swimming pool diving board unable to move.

Every time I watch this part of the film it makes me feel uncomfortable and I experience the same scare element I did whilst doing it. I cant say I am any nearer in conquering and overcoming that phobia, but I am happy I managed to do something to relate to my own personal fear.

Here are the five key points, artists and individuals who have inspired me and helped me progress my work.

1.Simon Fenoulhet-

I accidentally came across Simon online and I was fascinated by his work of light and dark. I read about him discovering this tunnel outside the Park Plaza hotel and I wanted to investigate it. He was very helpful with my project and inspirational and this was the turning point in helping me take my project forward into the phobia aspect of it.

2.Martin Creed-

Martin Creed and his balloon art was very inspirational, my housemate is petrified of the noise of a balloon popping. Not only is it’s a more fun activity but its a interactive piece. I think this made me question why I thought it was important to make sure people can interact with my work, such as the visual glasses as it was almost like they were there experiencing it up close and personal.

3.Marina Abramovich–

Marina Abramovich really helped me consider the mental and physical limits I would have to endure and push myself to overcome and experience. In her work she suffers at great cost for her art, she was physically hurt in many ways to the point of exhaustion, to even fainting in a ring of fire as she ran out of oxygen. She was hurt by her audience and was mentally prepared to die for it.

Some of the tasks I had to do were either very frightening or much like her they were very dangerous such as the tunnel.

4.Sigmund Freud-

My project looks into the depth of the mind. Its about helping people overcome and understand the element of their own phobias and fears.

Freud helped us understand many things such as the study of dreams regarding the unconscious, alongside fear with symptoms of anxiety caused by fears and phobias and tried to help us overcome them.

His quote, “Dread” requires a specific object of which we are afraid. ‘Fright,’ however, emphasizes the element of surprise; it describes the state that possesses us when we find ourselves plunged into danger without being prepared for it.’

This made me really question myself and why I wanted to investigate and continue down the route of phobias. I think I wanted to examine and push my limits mentally and physically. He was rather inspirational and helped me understand why I was fascinated with peoples phobias.

5.Kutlug Ataman-

I think Ataman helped me question how I wanted to present my work. Looking back at my assessment I think I struggled greatly with the presentation of my body of work and how I would display it.

In his work he focuses on how to connect and engage with his audience. I think I accomplished this with the visual glasses as it shuts them off from their surroundings, but it helps them engage and view the film on a more intimate level. The same with the headphones as it takes away the sense of sound in their surroundings.

After Setting Up, Last Day

It’s hard to describe how I felt on this last day, calm and relived I think. I double checked my CD player which was a good thing as I think I tripped out the extension lead as it would not come on until i only used one extension lead and not several.


Me in my space, I noticed a few of my classmates were eager to interact with my work. I came back from helping someone and saw a person standing there transfixed at my spider video. I am looking forward to see how people react to it.





It was amazing watching people interact with my work. The rat eating popcorn made a great impact on people and it was interesting to see their reactions. Holly above looks so content watching my films and it was intriguing to see Ruth pulling faces and commenting a loud. The glasses part on the side blocks out some of the view which I wanted as people are still aware where they are. But they forget people can see them and watch their expressions which is the work also in itself.

I’m very happy with my work and I would not change one aspect of it, it fits perfectly into my practice and I think I finally found a way how to present it.


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