18/02/2014 Featuring my work in the art world

18/02/2014 Featuring my work in the art world

Recently I can happily say that my artwork is finally getting out there on a website on Facebook, which is near in possible to get your artwork featured on as they choose the art. They chose my university workshop iconic image of me hanging in a harness. It’s had positive and negative feedback, but to be honest I was quite in shock for the publicity and I’m excited how it has been shared dozens of times alongside receiving over 700 likes!

On this awesome website https://www.facebook.com/artsartistsartwork Art Artists and Artwork on Facebook all the work is featured so scroll down for mine.

© Jamie Jones -Me in the harness.

© Jamie Jones -Me in the harness.

Comments made about the image!

Comments made about the image!

Positive and negative comments made which was awesome!

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European Eagle Owl drawing 5/02/2014

A European Eagle Owl the biggest owl in Great Britain. As you know I have always been passionate about birds of prey and have worked with them previously at Ebbw Vale Owl Sanctuary at Festival Park I would also like to thank https://www.facebook.com/AlexandraGriffithsPhotography for allowing me to use her image !

© Jamie Jones Eagle Owl

© Jamie Jones Eagle Owl

New Tiger drawing!

A tiger drawing produced in watercolours and coloured pencils. Tell me what you think!


All rights belong to me!

New Artwork!

I have been working on a series of drawings to build up my skills. For your own commission don’t hesitate to get intouch for only £20 thats a real bargain! You can contact me at JamieJones093@aol.com or check out my websites! http://www.paintingsilove.com/artist/jamiejones

1508634_673353889352520_1603470623_n[1] (Reggie)

horse 2 (Horses)

Dog drawing

A new dog drawing I done just to keep my skills up tell me what you think guys!


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New Art, traditional drawings of pets



Traditional drawing of a dog and a cat produced in watercolours, oil pastel and charcoal.

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All rights belong to me,

Jamie Jones